Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


26. Chapter Twenty-Five - History Retold

"It happened about a year ago when the ruler of Lacrosse city launch an attack against The Prism, claiming their land as his own. The attack was so sudden that it took everyone by surprise. The prisoners which had been in there, for those who were lucky, manages to escape, the rest however, brutally killed without mercy bringing their entire world into chaos. Since then, everyone has been building up their troops and defence to prep them from any future attacks." Z narrates as he gets up to brew some tea.


"But how did any of you know what is happening outside the forest? Did the mayor allow for more people to leave town?" Pandonium ask.


"After a year since the both of you left, Hazel and I started to worry about you. Speaking of which, you may want to drop by and see how she's holding up." Z says.


"How's she doing? Is she sick?" Eternia began throwing questions at him at this point.


"Don't worry. She's fine. Anyway we pleaded with the mayor for about a year before he finally agreed to allow only one of us to go. Tea anyone?" Z offers as he prepares five cups. A minute later and everyone's sipping from their teacups. Beelint, a special blend of tea that requires the herbs from this particular forest, one of which includes a bee's sting, thus the name, with certain criterias to meet just to brew, surprisingly sweet with a slight minty taste to it.


"So you were the one who went out, I presume." Eternia says. Not a question but a statement.


"Yes but the things that I had seen was anything but pleasing. The attack on The Prism? I witnessed everything. They killed everyone on sight." Z says lowering his head as if to mourn for the lives that had been lost that unfortunate day. "After that tragic event, I returned to our little town to tell everyone of what I had learn. Following that, I was sent out to look for allies who would help defend us. It took about 9 - 10 months before I finally returned. Our allies now lies in wait either in the forest or underground waiting for the right moment to strike. I apologize for being so long-winded. I must be boring you." Z sighs putting his teacup on a side table.


"Not at all. It's interesting and we may need this knowledge to get the fourth crystal." Pandonium says enthusiastically.


"How rude of me. I have even failed to realise that all of you has just returned from a long and tedious journey of your own and here I am going on about mine. So were you able to retrieve the red crystal?" Z ask, his face lighting up for the second time since their arrival (the first was when they arrive).


"Yes." Eternia answers taking out the red crystal from her pouch before passing it on to Z.


"How is it? Do you recall anything?" Isengar ask.


" The memory. They're slowly returning and you can call me Zymie from now on. You mentioned something about a fourth crystal. What was that about?" Zymie ask returning the crystal to Eternia.


"Well, there was this map that appeared out of nowhere when the three crystals were brought together showing a place with the word 'crystal' on it."Pandonium answers.


"That's it. You must go and retrieve that fourth crystal for it may be the only thing that is able to stop the current war." Zymie announces. "I'll be joining you on this one." Zymie says as he begin packing up his things.


"You're coming?" Eternia ask, surprise.


"You don't sound glad about it. Aren't you happy that I'm going to join you?" Zymie ask sounding a bit hurt.


"It's not that. It's just. The town will be defenseless without you." Eternia answers honestly.


"They can take care of themselves. What do you think I was doing while you two were gone? And besides, they have the allies all around to help them. So like I said, they can take care of themselves." Zymie repeats clearing up the little mess which they have made.


"When do we depart?" Isengar ask impatiently.


"Quite the impatient one aren't you? Who's there?" Zymie shouts suddenly surprising everyone as a shadow at the door moves into the light revealing to them someone familiar.


"Asgabub." Isengar calls. " What do you want?" their conversation unlike those previous times.


"I... I need your help." he says with difficulty. Before he can continue, he collapse. An arrow piercing through his back.


"We've been compromise. We need to leave now." Zymie says as he hurries them out towards the tunnels.


"What about Asgabub?" Isengar ask trying not to sound like he care.


"Don't worry about him. He is one of our ally. The townspeople will know what to do with him. We have a much urgent matter at hand. It looks like Lacrosse city has started on the invasion. Which location did the map showed when the word crystal was shown?" Zymie ask.


"The old ancient temple." Pandonium answers.


"That sounds about right." Zymie mutters under his breath as they head for the ancient temple.


"Lacrosse city is still under the control of the elves, correct?" Eternia questions.


"Yes. Lord Calico, if I'm not mistaken. Lately however, he seems to be under the influence of his new found consort whom he is engaged to and will be wed in a few weeks time." Zymie answers.


"He is to be wed?!" Eternia ask with astonishment.


"Yes but why do you sound so surprise?" Zymie ask.


"We're kind of.. well, related." Eternia replies. Zymie gave her a stun look and is about to say something when she continues. "I know that look. You're going to ask me how. Well, don't. It's a long story and I don't want to tell it now. Maybe another time but not now."


"Alright, alright." he says putting both his hands up in a surrendering kind of way. "I won't." he answers as they reach the entrance of the old temple. The ancient temple, collapsed with debris surrounding the place laying in remains of it's formal glory. 

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