Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


21. Chapter Twenty - Stratos

Like the entire world that they have seen in this present time so far, the castle too, was in a mix variety of colours. It had been difficult at times to tell apart if it was day or night with the multi-colours in the sky but they didn't care now that they have reach civilization or so they thought.


The buildings, huge without a doubt, not built for someone their size but much bigger. Possibly bigger than the giants. No. Definitely bigger. However the entire place had been silent since they step in. Since they cross the bridge leading into the town, village, city or whatever they call it in this timezone. Dead silence. There are smears of red all over the place that didn't fall in coordination with the contrasting mixture of the rest of the colours.


"What do you think lives here? Giants? Like those earlier? Or bigger giants?" Isengar wonders aloud to the group. "Oh, that reminds me, did I tell you about this one time when I met this giant in the mountains?" Isengar ask enthusiastically.


"Shh.." Eternia motions for them to be silent with a finger to her lips as she crouches down to listen more intently. The rest of them quickly crouch down beside her except Rave. He never likes doing things secretly. He preferred doing things openly and not hidden away. It just felt beneath him.


"What is it?" Pandonium whispers to Eternia.


"I'm not sure. The sound doesn't seem to be coming from the ground." Eternia whispers back. There are sounds of flaping, like wings beating against each other. Only Eternia could hear them at first but soon, everyone could also hear the flapping of wings as they look towards the sky for its source.


"Dragons!" Isengar blurted out, in turn causing Rave to make Isengar face him before mouthing the words 'shut up' to him but the dragons seems to have heard him and were now swooping down towards them.


"We've been made. Find a cover. Quick!" Eternia shouted over the sound of dragons roaring. What they expected to come next, never did. Instead of fire breathing down their necks turning them to dust, chunks and pieces of flesh and blood were thrown into the centre pileling them up to almost as tall as the buildings which surrounds them.


They couldn't tell where the dragons had gotten its source of food from but the smell of rotting flesh under that intense weather was enough to make anyone faint. Especially Eternia with her heightened senses but she manages to hold it out. Barely. It was a wonder how they are able to stand the smell of it all and another wonder how 3 dragons were able to carry so much flesh.


"That was an excellent kill if I do say so myself, White. Now the centaurs will know their place in this world and we get to eat centaur's meat tonight." one dragon speaks to the other all the while laughing as Pandonium tries to sneak a peak at the dragons. The laughter stops suddenly, allowing for silence to fill the air. Far too sudden did the laughter stopped that they began suspecting that the dragons know about their current existance until they hear the sounds of wings beating against each other. The sound got softer and softer indicating the dragons flying away and as soon as Eternia couldn't hear them anymore, did they come out from hiding.


"Centaur's meat. Gross!" Eternia comments with disgust, holding her nose.


"Be glad it isn't elf meat." Isengar tease with a smirk.


"Please go away and ask the good goblin to return." Eternia answers sarcastically.


Rave however, isn't as relax as they were. He keeps glancing left and right where the building's roofs are. Upon seeing this, Pandonium goes over and tries to convince him that they are safe.


"Hey Rave, why don't you just chill and-" Pandonium got knock to the ground even before he could complete his sentence. Rave had pinned him to the ground and his eyes were locked with fury. This causes the rest of them to be in a state of shock with a look of surprise overwhelming them. Where Pandonium had stood earlier, the spot now ablaze with flames. White flames.


They look to the owner of the flames and sees a black dragon. Its head held high looking down towards them. Flakes and speckles of gold fill parts of its hide making it look undeniably beautiful.


"I told you I smelled something. Look what we have here. Now here's something you don't see everyday." the dragon says with surprise as it looks over to the other roof where a slightly smaller golden dragon, about the size of the giants, looks at them. Though not once did the dragons open their mouths to speak yet, they are able to hear them communicating with each other.


"Ooh~ I've never tasted elf meat before. Do you think its as tender as they say it is?" the dragon ask excitedly, desperate to get a taste of the elf.


"Wildfire and Whiteflame." Eternia whispers under her breath to the others, making sure that the dragons are unable to hear them.


"She knows our names. How is that possible?" the golden dragon gave a roar thereafter, one that is as loud as thunder. "How is it possible that you know our names? Tell us!" Wildfire demands.


"How is it that you know what I'm talking about? Unless..." Eternia trails off. "This is one of those fields isn't it?"


"What is that elf talking about, brother?" Wildfire asks as the dragon's eyes meet each other. Not once had he opened his mouth other than to roar.


"No idea. Get out of our homes already. We have enough food for today. Come back tomorrow and we might consider having you around as our breakfast." Whiteflame laughs.


"Right~. It's only discovered recently." Eternia mutters before Whiteflame finishes.


"What is? Do you mean the field of which you spoke of earlier?" a third dragon has creeped up from behind them without their knowledge causing them to flinch in place. It's tone, serious and unfluctuating.


"Darkflame." Eternia mumbles without thinking. She turns to face him without another moments hesitation. The dragon in question, a white dragon, as large as the black dragon. Equally as beautiful. "There are several of these fields around the world. This field in particular enables everyone to share their thoughts." Eternia explains.


"So that's how they're able to hear us." Wildfire nodding his head acknowledging. Darkflame gives him a hard stare and his focus pulls back to the group. "What are we going to do about them?" Wildfire glances towards Whiteflame and then towards Darkflame before looking back at the group.


"We kill them." Darkflame says sharply or thinks it, whichever way. Before anything else can happen, more dragons begin appearing out of the sky landing around them. Surrounding them now, the entire civilization of dragons might even be possible to be taken into consideration. Dragons large and small, around their size, with a variation of colours have them back against the walls of one of the buildings.


"I'll handle this." Rave tells them getting in front of them. The dragons moving back a little anticipating an attack from him perhaps even fearing him. A wave of fire erupts from the nearest dragon's mouth. Blue flames. However, the fire extinguishes before it even reaches him.


"This one's mine." a grey dragon moving out from within the crowd of dragons.


"No, we shouldn't be fighting but working together. There will be a lot of bloodshed if we do." Pandonium pleads getting in front of Rave but Rave, not letting him do so.


"It's useless to try and talk some sense into them, Pan. They're territorial creatures unless something bigger than them threatens them or their homes otherwise they will not back down." Eternia elucidates.


"Something bigger?" Rave asks, his mind working away for a solution to get them out of their current situation. By now the grey dragon's nearly upon them and as it approaches, it swings it's huge tail to sweep at Rave who's the closest. Before the tail is able to make any contact, it drops to the ground, motionless, the grey dragon following suit. The rest of the dragons becomes enrage upon seeing this and charges straight at them. The fire rapidly turning from a blaze to a conflagration burning away any hope of them getting out of this alive as the fire closes in on them, slowly swallowing them. 

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