Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


34. Chapter Thirty-Three - Not all what it seems

"Finally decide to join the living, did you?" Isengar says sarcastically as Asgabub gets up from the bed, Pandonium's bed to be exact.


"I see you still have your sense of humour." Asgabub says.


"Don't know what you're talking about. As usual. Now that I've help you, it is your turn to repay the favour." Isengar says.


"And still ignorant of it. I do not usually do this but I will make it an exception this time. What do you want?" Asgabub ask.


"Gather all the goblins and the creatures from this location." Isengar says passing him a map with markings on it. "We will meet up again here." he adds, marking out another location on the map. Asgabub takes the map and goes underground. "Come on, Rai." Isengar calls and the salamander climbs onto his shoulder as he heads out of town.


"Where do you think you are going?" a voice inside his head ask as they exited the tunnel that they use as a shortcut to Stratos.


"Get the fourth crystal. What else." Isengar replies. "With that, no one can stop us." a nasty smile creeping onto the goblin's lips.


"But what about our friends?" the voice ask while trying to mask its terrified tone but not doing a great job at it.


"We will help them for now and when the time is right, we will strike. I can tell that you are scared but when this is over, you do not need to be afraid of anyone or anything anymore. Isn't that right?" Isengar says stroking the salamander.


A roar nearby causes them to flinch and focus on the scene around them. Something else was here besides them. Isengar quickly hides within the shadows and stealthily goes through Stratos, producing as little noise as possible. Halfway through Stratos, he hears the roar again, the roar sounded close by. He peaks his head out slightly to see a battle about to take place. A dragon against a human. That human would not stand a chance. No. Not human. A half-demon.


"That's Rave. We have to help him." the voice says. They are just a few houses away from the battle that's about to begin where Rave stands, looking dumbfound at the dragon. Isengar rushes forward jumping from one house to the next. Two houses away. He looks towards the fight that is taking place to see the top half of Rave's clothes gone and the dragon swinging its tail towards him. Rave manages to avoid that somehow but the impact which the tail causes is enough to make Isengar fly. He have to hold on to the side of the roof just to prevent that from happening. With the impact blown past him, he gets back onto his feet and sees the dragon surrounding Rave with flames. Isengar jumps and makes it onto the next roof barely. He runs towards the next house and jumps onto the roof. He lands onto the roof. Hard. The roof caves in with his landing which leaves him gripping to one side of the roof, struggling to pull himself up. As he finally did so, he hears the dragon gave another roar. Seeing the dragon, Isengar could not help but feel intimidated by it but nonetheless, he charges towards it. Knowing that the dragon remains in a high position, would not give him a chance to jump onto its back and from the looks of it, the dragon's back was already taken by a shadowy figure and with the sun in its favour pointing from that direction, it is too glaring to even look that way to see who is on it so instead of doing that, he charges towards the dragon's neck. Isengar jumps as the dragon let out a wave of fire. Catching onto its neck, Isengar was able to divert the course of the flames away from Rave but that did not spare him from the initial burst of it.


"Hey!" the rider shouts just as Isengar swings himself onto the dragon's neck. The rider steers the dragon to the right causing Isengar to be clinging onto its neck again. The salamander crawls into the dragon's ear causing the dragon to fly unsteadily, turning randomly in mid-air. The dragon gave a slight jolt from it. With its claws, the dragon tries to reach for Isengar while the rider got off from the dragon's back, going towards where Isengar is. Isengar's palms begins to sweat profusely at this moment causing his grip to loosen. The rider reaches Isengar and looks at him. This is when Isengar catches sight of the profile of the rider who turns out to be a female human of whom seems to be familiar to him. She wears a hood revealing only the most distinctive parts of her face. The rest of her body covered by thick layers of coverings. Making a sympathetic sound as she shakes her head while looking at him struggling for his own life, she lifts a foot up and attempts to kick him off from the dragon when the dragon takes a sudden steep left turn, causing the rider to loose balance, Isengar to loose his grip on the dragon and the both of them falls off, plummeting straight into one of the many houses.


The rider lands on her feet and Isengar on his back. He lays there wincing at the pain from his back as the rider looks to the sky, telling her dragon something, before approaching him similar with how she had done when they were on the dragon. The kick this time, connects with his face and sends him into a struggle for his life, taking in a mouthful of fresh air with every breath. Before he can even say anything, another kick comes his way, aiming at his stomach which sends him flying across the room. A stone protruding from the ground stops him as he slams his head against it with many scraps creating open wounds all over his body.


"Hagen." Isengar manages to choke out in between breaths just before she connects her foot with his face again.


"What?" she stops herself midway and waits for him to catch his breath still unwilling to lower her guard.


"Why are you doing this, Hagen?" Isengar ask as soon as he is able to speak normally again.


"How did you know her?" the rider questions him, pulling out a knife from her side sheath and points it at him.


"You, you're not Hagen?" Isengar asks looking at her more closely.


"Hagen is my sister. Now, how do you know her? And call off whatever is attacking my dragon!" she ask again, moving her blade closer to him while her dragon continues to roar in pain behind them.


"Rai!" Isengar calls and the salamander jumps out of the dragon, landing onto Isengar's hand. The dragon roars threateningly at them but the rider manages to calm it down. "We met her some time back when we met with the empress." he explains. "Did you happen to see anyone else pass through this area?"


"You mean that creature earlier?" the rider ask.


"Besides him." Isengar says.


"Then no. He's the first that I have seen in a while." the rider answers, sheathing her blade. "Name's Vegan and this is my familiar, Terror. That is an interesting familiar that you got there and you are the first goblin mage that I have seen in my life. In anyone's life for that matter." she says with a chuckle. "No one would travel to these parts anymore so what are you doing out here?"


"I came out here looking for my friends. We got seperated when we got trick by four humans and one of them stabbed me." Isengar says, feeling the scars from the wound left by Vinyl.


"I'm sorry. I have not seen any goblins in my life. You're the first and can you not refer to us as humans? It sounds a bit, I dunno, weird? Hmm. Anyway, come to think of it now, perhaps my dragon did meet with the ones who attacked you. He keeps mentioning about how two people prevented him from resting and they were pointing their weapons at him." she tells him as they slowly make their way back to Rave.


"Not all my friends are goblins though, like Rave." Isengar says.


"Who's Rave?" she asks.


"The half-demon I helped earlier." his reply cut short by her next question.


"Wait, he's your friend? Haa. I'm sure glad I didn't ask you if you would like to share eating him with Terror then. Wait, did I just say that out loud?" she ask embarrassingly. "Oh, this is so embarrassing. Hold on, a half-demon? Oh no, we have to hurry. His life might be in danger." Vagen says hopping onto the back of Terror and pulling Isengar up beside her as the dragon takes off. Seconds later and they are beside Rave, looking at the burnt marks which the dragon had inflicted on him. "I'm sorry." she apologize.


"Why? Can't you do anything?" Isengar ask, reaching his hand out to touch the burnt marks on Rave but Vegan refrain him from doing so.


"No and I have never seen anyone recover from a burnt like this. I'm so sorry." Vegan answers sadly. "He looks so good. It feels as if I can just go right up to him and kiss him awake." Vegan utters aloud as she continues looking at him.


"What?!" Isengar eyes her suspiciously.


"Nothing. I have to stop doing that." Vegan tells him before whispering the rest of the words to herself.


"Wait, maybe this will help." Isengar says as he takes out an item that was poorly wrapped with huge leaves. Unwrapping it, leaving only a red gem. Isengar holds it up to the burnt area and waits. Both of them staring into the injury, waiting for something to happen. After a while, Rave slowly wakes from unconsciousness although the burnt marks never dissappears from his stomach.


"What happened? Where am I?" Rave asks as he slowly looks around at his surroundings before focusing his attention on the creatures before him. "You!" Rave says enrage as he catches sight of Vegan and her dragon. As Rave leaps up from his lying position, Vegan leaps back and almost fall over while the dragon takes off a few feet into the air, hovering.


"She's not our enemy. She's a friend." Isengar quickly cuts in, jumping in between them, shielding her from Rave before Rave collapse back onto the floor. Isengar runs to him, trying his best to support him.


"The myth, its all true." Vegan says as she looks at the red gem, still in Isengar's hand.


"I need to get back to Pandonium and Eternia. It looks like the contract is really taking its toll on me." Rave tells Isengar, both unaware of what Vegan is saying behind them.


"But do you even know where they are?" Isengar ask looking at him.


"I was sensing their presence and followed it here but lose it just before meeting the dragon. I fear they may be dead." Rave says disappointingly while loosing all hope. "It was all their fault!" Rave accuses, pointing a finger towards both Vegan and her dragon. "They killed them."


"You're wrong!" Isengar shouts suddenly surprising everyone even Rave. "She would never do that." Isengar defends.


"Why are you defending her? You barely even know her." Rave shouts unable to comprehand what Isengar is thinking until there could be only one explanation. "You like her, don't you?"


"You know that I am still here, right?" Vegan ask and the both of them turns to her, blinking.


"I should kill you. You tried to kill me and you killed our friends." Rave shouts angrily at her.


"Look. Whatever it was, it happened as a misunderstanding." Vegan says.


"Not in the least likely!" Rave snaps.  


"Rave." Isengar whispers to him, indicating that he should remain silent.


"I'll even help you get to wherever you need to go." Vegan offers.


"Your generosity is not needed." Rave rejecting her offer.


"We might as well get all the help we can get. We need to get back the fourth crystal before the world turns catastrophic. That's our main priority and we don't have a lot of time to do it." Isengar tells Rave, trying to convince him before he finally accepts the offer. 

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