Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


36. Chapter Thirty-Five - Rai the Salamander

"Rai, you know the girl was bad news didn't you?" Rave asks, talking more to himself than to the salamander that remains sitting on his shoulder blinking its eyes at him, ranting off his frustrations that Isengar would help her and not him. Before, he wouldn't think twice about such trivial matters but now it seems that as he spends more time with creatures not of his kind, it is affecting him and not in a good way either.


"Alright, now listen and listen close. I don't have much time." a voice tells him as the salamander climbs into his hands from his shoulder. He couldn't sense anyone else with them at the moment. The creature that he had sensed earlier when they entered the cave was long gone.


"Who's there? Show yourself!" Rave shouted into the darkness with confidence, masking the feeling of being a little afraid for the first time in a long while. If he isn't able to sense the presence of the one in the cave, it can only mean that the one in the cave is much more powerful than he is and that would mean that even with the help of the yellow crystal, he would be at the mercy of this creature, whoever or whatever it is.


"Where are you looking at? I am right beside you." the voice coming from the salamander, Rave realise breathing a sigh of relief.


"Wait, you can talk?" Rave asks in alarm dropping the salamander onto the ground.


"Ouch! Hey, you trying to kill me or something?" Rai asks sounding somewhat hurt.


"Sorry. You gave me quite a surprise." Rave answers picking up the salamander. "But if you could speak from the start, why didn't you tell us anything?" Rave asks curiously.


"We, salamanders, are the ancestors of all fire elemental creatures. As such, we are not allowed to mess with the order of nature." Rai explains.


"Hah." Rave answers slowly while deep in thought, taking in everything that the salamander had just told him. "So why now?" Rave finally asks him.


"Something bad is going to happen which will disrupt the natural order of things and being the only salamander in this period of time, it is my duty to prevent that from happening." Rai explains further. "We are not allowed to interfere with whatever decisions you creatures make unless it is against the order of nature and if I do not intervene now, there won't be a world for us anymore."


"So you will be lending your strength when we go against the four humans then?" Rave asks.


"There is a much bigger threat in here then the four humans. Their leader, a necromancer, will bring chaos and destruction to this world. You have to find Pandonium and Eternia and warn them." Rai replies.


"Pandonium and Eternia. They are dead." Rave tells the salamander.


"But you don't believe that, do you?" Rai questions.


"It doesn't matter what I believe. I felt their presence disappear. They are gone." Rave answers.


"You are forgetting one major aspect. The contract that you signed with them states that if they should die, you will die as well. Seeing you alive, I know for sure that they too, are still alive." Rai concludes.


"Then you are forgetting something as well. The contract ended as soon as all the magic crystals were gathered together." Rave argues. "Okay, let's say for an instance that Pandonium and Eternia are still alive and I have found them, what then?" Rave asks.


"Then you go after the leader of the four and defeat him." Rai tells him.


"You know a lot considering that you aren't even from our time." Rave says, suspecting something was amiss.


"I use the knowledge of the yellow crystal to guide me. That's how I know."


"How can you use the yellow crystal's intelligence when you are not even in contact with it?" Rave questions.


"To answer that, I have to start at the very beginning and its going to take a while."


"Don't worry. We have quite a long way to go." Rave says looking into nothing but the darkness of the cave in front of them.


"Back then, every creature lived together peacefully. We were a thriving nation until a magician, one of the very best during our time, created the crystals as you now know them as, to improve the world. Being one of the first four elemental creatures, we were the perfect vessel for the crystals, with the other three elemental creatures of course, but something went really wrong when they were trying to fuse us together with the crystal and after that, everything just fell apart. The creatures decided to seal away one of the crystal so as to keep the world safe from it. The creatures started fighting amongst each other to decide who would have control over the three remaining crystals before finally deciding that each creature would live on their own. The crystals were seperated from each other. One safeguarded by the elements of fire, the Salamanders. Another by the elements of water, the Undines. And the last one by the elements of air, the Sylphs. So, you see, we were one of the bearers of the crystal. Those crystals were made for us and now something is trying to complete what was started by the magician many years ago. They are trying to fuse themselves with the black crystal. One more thing, that cave dweller you were with, he must never know that I can speak." 


Side Note: Salamanders(Fire), Undines(Water), Gnomes(Earth) and Sylphs(Air) are the first four main elemental creatures that allows the world to be in balance. 

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