Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


31. Chapter Thirty - Fallen

"How are you feeling Rave?" Zymie ask softly with much concern.


"Getting worse. I should never have parted with the two. This contract thing is killing me. I will have to find them." Rave whispers while getting up but unable to do so, he fell back onto the grass. They are just a short walk away from the entrance to the palace. Lying on the side of the pathway under the shade of a huge strange-looking tree. Zymie helps him up into a sitting position while Hati lies asleep beside them. Hati had been carrying Rave ever since his condition became unstable when they parted. He had wanted to press on but it seems that he is at his limits now. "Hati isn't so bad after all. We wouldn't have gotten this far without him but you two are going to have to continue on without me." Rave whispers.


"No. You are not going anywhere in your condition. It would be better if we stick together. Who knows what will happen to you and how would you even be able to find them?" Zymie ask.


"I'll know. The closer I get to them, the better my condition will be." Rave replies softly.


"If you insists on doing this, bring Hati along. At least I will feel much better that way with someone by your side." Zymie suggests as he prepares to wake the wolf but Rave stops him.


"No, don't wake him. He deserve a rest and we're short on time so I will be looking for them on my own and who knows, he might prove to be useful for you later." Rave whispers as Zymie help him to his feet. "I'm fine, really." Rave says as wings emerge from his back. Huge purplish-black wings. Allowing him to hover in mid-air.


"Be careful then and safe travels." Zymie says while Rave hovers higher and higher into the air in the direction towards Lacrosse city. Zymie walks back to Hati's side, accompanying the still peacefully sleeping wolf, ignorant of everything that is happening around it as Rave disappears from sight.




"This is much harder than I had imagined." Rave mutters to himself, collapsing onto a shady patch of grass for the fifth time to rest now. The gates to Lacrosse city just some distance away. With every rest however, he is regaining his strength as he gets closer to both Pandonium and Eternia but not close enough. It seems that as he tries to get closer to them, they on the other hand are getting further away from him.


Rave enters the gates while hovering in mid-air and with their city at the brink of war, they would not expect much visitors during this period. The streets were practically empty filled only with few merchants, groups of elven soldiers patrolling the city and archers securing the gates. The streets were not that bright thus, he was able to slip pass the archers at the gates into the city. The city itself is on a tight leash on their security so it would be almost impossible to go through undetected.


"Residents are not allowed to wander the streets at this time. It is way past curfew. You are coming with us for further questioning." an elven soldier says from behind him. He allowed the elf to take him and bring him into the elf kingdom.


"What is it now?" Calico demands, irritated, as he looks up from his desk that is filled with rolls and rolls of parchments. "Release him at once." Calico orders upon seeing Rave. "Its good to see you again. You don't look too well. What happened?"


"I don't have time to explain. Do you know where Pandonium and Eternia are?" Rave ask.


"I'm afraid you just miss them. They left a few days ago." Calico answers. "Aren't all of you travelling together? How did you get separated? Never mind that. You look like you are in pretty bad shape. You are not planning to go after them on your own in your current state are you?"


"I have to. I don't have a choice." Rave replies. "I have to leave now if I want to catch up with them. You do know of the plan right?" Rave ask weakly. Calico nods his head slightly to his question.


"If it involves us teaming up with the humans than yes although I don't like that idea but it appears to be the only way. If that crystal is as devastating as what Eternia makes it out to be, then we will need all the help we can get." Calico says. "You are in a really bad shape. You ought to rest. You'll get better that way." Calico advise.


"I'll get better as soon as I catch up to them." Rave says, hovering out of the room as he continues his way towards Stratos.


Reaching Stratos, Rave can feel that he is indeed getting closer to them but unable to make much progress. He have been hovering the entire journey from Lacrosse city to Stratos and his wings needed a rest. Just as he kept his wings and lands on his feet to walk, he hears a faint roar coming from one of the many abandoned houses that lays in ruins. It was rumored that all the dragons had been slaughtered during the previous war between all creatures, bringing an end to the dragon race as well as the mighty giants. Since then, no one have ever seen or heard word on any of the two races.


'That faint roar however was much similar to that of a dragon but it can't be possible, can it? Not possible in this time at least.' Rave thought to himself. A second roar, much nearer. Definitely a dragon. A scaly blue head slithers out from behind an old house with its roof fallen in.


"A dragon. That's impossible." Rave says in awe as the blue dragon steps to the top of the house revealing its black hide. As it does so, it catches glimpse of Rave. The dragon gave another roar, much louder this time, before kicking off from the house and heading straight towards Rave. The dragon lands and blows fire out from its mouth. Rave jumps out of the way a little late causing the top half of his clothes to catch fire. He can feel himself getting weaker and with it, his energy, depleting slowly every passing second. He have to get back to Pandonium and Eternia quickly but he would have to deal with this dragon first. The dragon swings it's tail towards Rave. Upon seeing its huge tail, Rave quickly snaps himself back from his thoughts, quickly ducking under to avoid the massive tail. Feeling the wind from the tail swing was enough to make even him lose his balance but he steadies himself and stay rooted to the ground. He looks up to see a wave of fire coming towards him. He jumps but to no avail. His energy seems to be completely wiped. He just stands there, not moving, as he looks up towards the flames coming down towards him. The flames never stopped. They just keep coming until he is completely surrounded in flames. The dragon gave one loud roar before finishing him. 

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