Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


11. Chapter Ten - Imposter

"That's not Hagen." Eternia says looking down. "That is." she says. A corpse which looks exactly like Hagen lay there on the ground. The empress looked at Hagen and tears begin filling her eyes. "That was a shape shifter." Eternia says staring into the direction where it had gone towards.


"I can't have someone running around my palace killing all of my people. How can we find the shape shifter?" the empress asks.


"I can find him." Rave says calmly. "Are you coming? Or do I have to do everything, myself?" Rave asks when he sees the rest of them just standing there, staring at him. He wanted to explain how he knew about the things he knew but his demon counterpart didn't want to so he didn't say anything as he led them through corridor after corridor and finally into a dark room. The room of past histories or at least, that's what the empress calls it.


Hagen stood there. Helmet on the ground and a book in her hand. That's right, her. Hagen was a girl. Her long black hair moving ever so slightly with the breeze of the wind coming from somewhere to their left. Before any of them could do anything, a ball of light blast past them towards Hagen, the imposter. As it made contact, what lies in place of Hagen now is a bird. A black bird with a long beak and a sack. It turns its head towards them, squawk once, loudly, before flying out the window. The book which it was holding earlier, now lies on the ground.


"I can't believe that she really gone." the empress began to break down into tears. "I just can't help feeling that a part of me is missing. I'm sorry." she says as she tries to hold back her tears.


"What is so important about this book that the shape shifter would want to steal it, your majesty?" Rave says walking past them to where the book is. As he picks up the book, he notices that there was a marking within the book so that whoever did that, could refer back to it quickly. He opens to that page and was looking at a page which was talking about the past history of the red crystal.


"Please, call me Gwen and thanks for getting rid of that imposter for me. So, what's this book about?" she asks going over to where Rave was to look at the book. They were in really close proximity and Rave was not enjoying it. The empress doesn't seem to be bothered by it though which was weird to him considering the fact that they just met. He thought it was probably the scent he was giving out but it hadn't had any effect on Eternia so he thought it only affected his kind and yet here Gwen was. Each demon or half-demon, in his case, gives out a particular scent of their own and it is only unique to them. Now he was really starting to wonder how Eternia was not affected by it. He could sense the rest of their eyes on him however, he was not in the least bit bothered by it. He was used to the stares by now. However, he decided not to worry about that now. Because right now, he had much more important things to take care of. One of which was the fact that the bird which had flown off earlier was giving out a very strong dark aura. One even much more stronger than he ever thought was possible which was impossible seeing that it is only a bird.


"Rave, snap out of it." Pandonium was saying which brought him back to the book he was holding.


"Got distracted for a bit." Rave says.


"It's okay, you can get distracted anytime you want." Gwen says in a soft seducing tone. Rave could tell that it was his scent that was affecting her so he chooses to ignore it.


"Says here that the red crystal was lost somewhere in time and that the last known holder of the red crystal was Zathril, an ancient warrior who was last seen travelling to Alfield before he got killed and the crystal, stolen from him and lost from time." Rave tells them, reading from the book.


"So where's our next destination?" Pandonium asks Eternia.


"We could try heading to Alfield and stop by Lacrosse city, the part elf kingdom, on the way there. You know, to get more information on the crystals." Eternia answers.


"You're leaving already?" Gwen asks looking only at Rave. Her eyes teary.


"Rave, aren't you going to say something to her?" Eternia ask looking at them. He could sense everyone looking at him.


"There's no need. Let's go." Rave answers before leaving the room.


"I'm so sorry Gwen, but we've got to go now." Eternia tells the empress. "You guys go on ahead. I'll just be in a moment." Eternia says after a while. The rest of them leave the room to where Rave was waiting.


"That was harsh." Pandonium tells Rave just as Isengar begins to mumble to himself again.


"Not my problem." Rave replied. He couldn't help it. His demon counterpart was strong overpowering him most of the time.


"It is your problem. Now go back in there and apologize to her." Pandonium tells him. Rave could sense a little anger coming from Pandonium but it was nothing he couldn't handle. He wasn't about to walk back in just to apologize. He's done these lots of times in his world so this was totally normal for him. He just doesn't understand why Pandonium was so angry about it.


"Not gonna happen." Rave answers with an expressionless face and the same cold hard tone. Rave could feel Pandonium's anger getting stronger but he wasn't about to back down.


"I'll be here when you come back, Rave." they heard Gwen shouting through the closed doors.


"I'm not coming back here." he answers softly to no one in particular.


"...interested in him. I have someone else in mind. Now if you'll excuse me, we'll be going." they heard Eternia's voice growing louder through the doors until she finally comes out from the room. "This should be interesting. I heard what you said, Rave." Eternia laughs to herself.


"What did you two talk about?" Pandonium ask curiously.


"Just some girl talk. Don't worry too much about it though. So our next location will be Lacrosse city. Come on, Isengar." Eternia says.


"What happened in there? She seems like a totally different person. Is it the shape shifter?" Pandonium ask Rave. Any anger which Pandonium had felt towards Rave earlier was dissipated when Eternia came out of the room.


"No, it's not the shape shifter. The shape shifter gives out a very different aura." Rave answers Pandonium as they leave the palace with Eternia and Isengar leading the way towards Lacrosse city. 

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