Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


7. Chapter Six - The Way Out

"Time to go." Isengar says quickly pulling Pandonium and Eternia behind him as they took the tunnel just beside all the machines. The colony of goblins right on their tail. "You wouldn't want to get involve with the grootslang, believe me. I've seen it." the walls and ground around them began to shake terribly causing them to go off balance as they continue to run. "It's out." he says to himself as he starts to space out, stopping abruptly causing the other two to run into him. Unaware or uncaring about it, he began to mumble to himself yet again.


"No, no, don't start mumbling now. We've got to go. Like NOW!" Eternia scream out the words when she saw the giant snake-like creature heading straight for them. Both of them pulling him as they run. He was like a soulless body just following the motion.


In front of them, a tunnel splitting two ways. Behind them, a giant snake with red glowing eyes was catching up to them. Its snake tongue going in and out of its mouth creating a hissing sound. Pandonium was shaking Isengar hard trying to wake him as they got closer to the split ways.


"Which way?" Pandonium shouted into Isengar's ear which probably brought him back to his senses as he point an unsteady finger towards the left tunnel. They took the left tunnel, the snake behind them had already caught up to them as it open its mouth prepared to devour anything in its path. The snake however stops suddenly with its mouth still wide open after entering the entrance of the left tunnel. They continued to run even when the snake had stop chasing them but their luck ran out when they realised that they had ran into a dead end. The snake was stucked but it's forcing itself forward to where they were at slowly with its mouth wide open. It's horrible stench of breath on them. 


"Where are we? Uh-oh." Isengar uttered as he surveys the surrounding. "We shouldn't be here. This is his nest. The grootslang's nest. We should go." his wimpy self talking.


"Where to? The grootslang's mouth?" Pandonium jokes before turning serious again when he realises the tension that was in the air.


"You're not seriously considering that are you?" Isengar questions turning to face Pandonium. His confidence seems to have returned. "Because if you are, I hope you'll reconsider with this door." Just as he finishes his sentence, a door to his left revealed itself and opens with a single tap of Isengar's knuckles. They hurried through the passage, the door closing behind them. "How did we end up there? I clearly remembered pointing into the middle of the two tunnels." Isengar wondered aloud as if to antagonize Pandonium.


"It looks like you were pointing to the left when we were almost eaten by that thing earlier and you can't point into the middle, that's just plain nonsense." Pandonium muttered just enough for Isengar to hear.


"Watch it! You were the one who pulled me along remember? I'm not the one leading the way but if I was, we would have been out of here by now." Isengar says.


"If you hadn't been in one of your delusions, we WOULD have gotten out already." Pandonium argued back.


"Stop it, you two! We're supposed to be on the same team not fighting against each other like that." Eternia lash out. Both of them look away from each other for the rest of the way. Eternia at a loss as to what to do with them. An awkward silence filled the air as they walk through the tunnel. As they turn the last corner, they see a light at the end of the tunnel. It was the exit. They ran towards the exit feeling elated but before they could go through it, a figure step out blocking the cave entrance. A shadow created by the light in the background causes them to strain their eyes just to see what was blocking their way out. It was the same golem which Isengar had earlier smash the glass out of. The golem clasped its hands together in front of him with great strength that it sends out a shock wave through the ground straight to where they were standing. Eternia immediately bring up a barrier to shield them from that attack. After which, Pandonium and Isengar charge straight for the golem with their weapons preparing to strike. Eternia continues holding up the barrier for both of them leaving her in a vulnerable position. Fortunately, the golem was far too occupied with both Pandonium and Isengar to do anything to Eternia. However, a sound behind her caught her off guard. Turning, she comes face to face with the grootslang. Bringing up her barrier as a natural reaction causes them to lose the barrier and Isengar to be hit by the golem. Pandonium, a little quicker managed to avoid getting hit by the golem's fist. Pandonium swings his sword where the fist barely touches him. The sword making contact with his fist but not as much as even a scratch was left. Isengar was back to his feet rather quickly charging towards the golem on one side, Pandonium on the other.


Meanwhile, Eternia was still busy defending herself from the grootslang. It had made the first move on her coming down with its mouth wide open. She brought up the barrier just in time before its teeth sink in onto her. Its mouth wide open hovering just above where the barrier is. Eternia tries to think of what to do. Without any weapons, she was as good as being useless in a battle. The grootslang's mouth was stretching wider and wider. It would soon be able to swallow the entire barrier whole with Eternia still inside.


Pandonium and Isengar on the other hand were making progress. The cuts and stabs from their weapon were finally breaking through the golem's defence. However, it still wasn't good enough. The golem would reshape itself to remove any seen cuts or stabs that had been made to its body. Pandonium took a quick glance only to see that Eternia had been swallowed whole by the grootslang.


"NO! ETERNIA! All right, that does it. Isengar, I have a plan." Pandonium says going around the golem to where Isengar is.


"What do you have in mind?" Isengar asks as he approaches Pandonium. Pandonium shares his plan with Isengar after which they take up their position so that they are facing each other, the golem in between them. They charge towards the golem and strike it continuously in the same spot while avoiding all the hits the golem was throwing at them. "Watch out." Isengar shouted just as the golem's head was severed from its body. A parchment of paper rolls out from under its head. Pandonium turned his head to what Isengar was shouting about and saw that the grootslang was coming at him fast. Very fast. Too fast in fact to block or deflect it. He prepared to attack bracing himself for the impact from the grootslang's speed. Just as the impact of the head strike Pandonium, its body exploded with chunks and pieces of the grootslang flying all over the tunnel pushing him with even greater force still. Isengar behind Pandonium tries to reduce the impact and slow down the speed of its head. Eternia in the midst of the mess lay there, motionless. Pandonium ran to her side while Isengar remain rooted where he stood, looking at them.


"The nearest town isn't that far off. We can bring her there to rest up." Isengar was back to his wimpy self again. Pandonium helped Eternia up and with one of her arm around his neck, the other around Isengar, they exited the cave. 

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