Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


18. Chapter Seventeen - Caledria

"Ugh." Pandonium grunts, getting up slowly, his head hurts tremendously as he looks around for his companions. It took a while for him to get them up and it was after everyone was up and feeling much better, did they take a good look around. They are in a place which contains all kinds of plants and trees however, it's one that none of them had ever seen before. The place, unsure if it’s a forest or the woods had a variety of colours ranging from blue trees forming an arch walkway to purple mushrooms growing from trees.


"Anyone knows where we are?" Pandonium ask as a flock of rainbow-colored stymphalian birds* flew by above them.


"Let's just get out of this place and look for the nearest civilization that we can find." Eternia answers spotting a pride of nemean lions* some distance away. Their yellowish golden fur shining underneath the glow of the sunlight. "There are all sorts of creatures in here which I have never seen before although, I must admit. The scenery around here is nice. One of the best so far that we've seen."


"So even the great knowledgeable Eternia doesn't know everything." Isengar commented sarcastically.


"Now I'm starting to like the other Isengar better. I haven't seen him for a while. Where is he anyway?" Eternia questions him.


"Here." Isengar answers and Eternia smiles at him. "Not." Isengar says after some time and Eternia's smile quickly faded as Isengar laugh his heart out.


"I may not have seen them before but I have read about them in books so stop laughing at me it's not that funny." Eternia remarks. "Can we just leave him here to be eaten by the stymphalian birds or the nemean lions?" Eternia ask Pandonium.


Several hours after the sun had set, they decided that it was time to set up camp and rest for the night.


"What are you doing to our homes?" a voice somewhere above asks. Rave, being the only one awake at that time, look up to see a man with eagle wings spread out.


"What specifies this as a home? There's nothing around here but trees for miles." Rave questions him back.


"How dare you talk to me in this tone when you invaded into our homes?" the winged man asks. The commotion brought out the rest of them from their sleep. "Who are you people?"


"I'm Pandonium. This is Eternia, Rave and Isengar." Pandonium introduces.


"My name is Requiem. We are an advance race of civilization called caledria and our homes are up there." he says pointing up. The houses were built into trees making it like they are part of the place and with all the trees in different shapes and sizes; it is easy to miss the houses that are a part of it if they weren’t looking for it. "Now tell me again, who or what are you. I know you are human." he says pointing to Pandonium. "But the rest of you, I've never seen before in my life." he admits.


"I'm an elf from the kingdom..." Eternia answers but stop herself midway before she continues "I'm just an elf."


"Goblin." Isengar answers sheepishly.


"Half-demon." Rave answers coldly.


"Demon?! Get away from me." Requiem shouted which alarm some of the other caledrians.


"Half-demon." Rave corrected.


"What's a half-demon?" he asks after he calms down a little.


"That's him right there. A living example." Isengar sprouts without warning. "Shut up." he scolded. "No. You shut up." "Can't you see that they were having a moment?" this continues for a period of time.


"What's wrong with him?" Requiem asks as Isengar continues arguing with himself.


"That's normal. Don't worry about him." Pandonium replies. "So anyway, we just need two things. The first being where we are and the second is which direction do we head towards to get to Stratos."


"This place is known to us as Trevian and to get to Stratos, you have to head in that direction. Just keep going straight. The first sign of civilization will let you know that you have arrive at Stratos." Requiem pointed out towards the north where the moon hung low in the sky. The moon huge and purple in the sky doesn't go well with the yellow clouds that had started building up.


"Do you mind if we spend the night here?" Eternia ask.


"I don't see why not unless he's an actual demon." Requiem answers indicating towards Rave.


"Don't worry he's only half there." Eternia injects.


"All right then, I welcome you to my humble home." he says as he look up to the houses above, taking their gazes with him. The house slowly gets bigger and bigger going towards them as the tree changes its shape according to the house position. As the house reaches the roots of the tree, a footpath begin appearing from where they stand to the door of the house. "Go right in." he indicated to them. 



Stymphalian birds*: Man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers which could be launch at their victims. Their dung is highly toxic. 

Nemean lions*: A mythological creature that cannot be killed with mortal weapons as their golden fur is impervious to attacks. Their claws are sharper than mortal swords and are able to cut through any armor. 

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