Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


8. Chapter Seven - The Prism

A faint light glow of orange fills the sky with the sun just peeking out from behind a nearby mountain warm them up. It felt good, at the least, better than the cold and damp cave which they had just emerged from. In front of them, yet another forest but not as thick as the one before. They can practically see the end of the forest where high walls and a majestic gate stood forming the shape of a prism. They followed the path that goes through the woods directly to where the gates are. As they walk, Pandonium wondered several things. Was the sun rising or setting? How long had they been in the cave? Where should they go to? Where is the next crystal's location? Isengar only one thing on his mind.


"Where are you two headed for?" Isengar's question broke Pandonium's chain of thoughts. Pandonium look to where Isengar is but couldn't see his face for any expression. Isengar was facing the other way, looking away from him.


"We don't have any actual location to go. The only thing we know is that we have to locate and retrieve another crystal similar to this one." Pandonium answered revealing the crystal to him. Isengar took a quick glance before turning away again.


"I've seen one like that before. Only difference is that its colour reflects the sun's rays. That crystal is in there." Isengar pointed in front of them, towards where the walls with the gates are.


"Halt! No one shall pass." one of the guards warns as they approach the towering gates. He had on him, bronze rigid armour from top to bottom over his red clothes which he wore underneath. He had facial hair that concealed most of his face where the helmet didn't.


"Give it a break, Renar. They're just kids." the other guard told his friend. They were dressed exactly alike. This one however, had trimmed the facial hair that had grown on his face. "What happened to your friend?" he asks with concern.


"She's just exhausted and needs some rest. Is there a place where we can rest up?" Pandonium ask.


"Sure. Open the gates!" the guard commanded and the gates began to open slowly vibrating the very ground which they stand on. Behind the gates, was a room entirely white that consists of only doors branching elsewhere.


"I don't think that's such a good idea, Bowen." Renar looking anxious.


"Relax, Renar, nothings gonna happen." Bowen responded calmly. By now, the gates were open wide enough for them to enter. "I'll escort them myself and take the fall should anything happen." Bowen says before leading them in. The gates closing behind them.


There were three doors on both side and one at the very end. All of which, painted in black apart from the one at the end which was a bright red. Bowen led them into the second room to the left where rows of bed on both sides have been placed. A long table runs down the middle with chairs neatly pushed in under the table. The room looks cosy enough for anyone to just fall asleep.


"Your friend may rest here. Just find any empty bed to occupy. I'll be in the next room if you need me. The one on the right." he says specifically but not before letting a devilish smile appears on his face before leaving. They headed to the closest unoccupied bed, helping her into it.


It felt like an eternity waiting for Eternia to wake up. When she finally stir from her sleep and sat up, Pandonium and Isengar were nowhere to be seen. She looked around confused and afraid. There were strangers in the room. Strangers which she had never met before. How did she get here? Where was here? Where is Pandonium? The last thing she remembered was getting eaten by a grootslang. While in its body, she had expanded her barrier to its maximum, draining all of her energy until the grootslang burst into a million pieces. That's when she lost consciousness.


Eternia got up with her body feeling numb from not moving much. She uses one of her healing spell concentrating on the end effect, picturing it in her head, on herself. The numbness and soreness were already beginning to expel themselves from her body. Looking around, she notices that the entire room was a deep red colour, there was no one about. Those who were there were sleeping in their beds.


As she sat up, she notices a note with two words 'ACE HJO' on the side table. The note reads: 'Found from the words crystal. It was use in red paint towards a random door direction!' It was from Pandonium. A coded note which they used to do when Eternia's mother, Hazel, wouldn't allow her out of the house. This was thought up by Eternia so it was relatively easy her for to decode it. A being 1, B being 2 and so on. That was the decoding for the front which would give 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15. Using this, the message could now be decoded. Taking all the words that represent the numbers giving: 'Found the crystal. use red door!'


Eternia wondered what the message was about. She understood the first part. It was the second part which intrigued her. It took only a short while for her to decipher the message but as she finish deciphering the message, a loud alarm buzz through the entire room. Everyone who was sleeping got up and were putting on their armours quicker than Eternia solving the message. That was just how quick they were. A guard in gold plated armour rushes into the room and yells to them that one of their prisoners has escaped. He took a quick glance at her with uncertainty before rushing the rest of the guards out along with him. As the last of the guards left the room, the entire room was in silence again. Before he left the room however, he let a devilish little grin appear on his face before disappearing through the door. It sent a chill running down her spine. She's seen it before but she just can't put a finger on it. She decided that she will worry about that later. Right now, she had much more important things which needed to be taken care of first.


Eternia went out of the room and into another room. This room was filled with 7 other doors, all of which are in black contrasting nicely with the white room except one which was in red. This was probably the door Pandonium was referring to. There was no one in this room as well but muffled shouts could be heard from the door that's directly opposite the red one. The red door opened to a stairwell heading downwards into the ground. The place looks so much different from the room she was currently in. It looked filthy to a point that doesn't look like it could suit even the poorest person in their little town. There was even an unpleasant smell emitting from it. She never did like underground even before the grootslang, golem or the goblins for that matter and now with the smell and all, it just made it much worse. She didn't like to feel confined and trapped in small places which gives no room for escape but it doesn't seem like she have much of a choice as she headed down into the stairwell.


There were shouts coming from the bottom of the stairwell but they were angry shouts not like the ones given above ground which was more like a command. The stairwell ended with the beginning of a walkway corridor with only an open archway to conjoin the two together. Here the foul smell of body odour from not showering was much more intense combined with the smell of overuse toilets which doesn't seem to have been cleaned with all the years which they have been here. In a word, it stink and a lot at that. Eternia had to hold her breath for the most part of it to prevent herself from fainting on the spot. There were all sorts of creatures and all sorts of cells here. One of them would be the inferno with a glass cell and a sprinkler head above it for company. Another would be the frost giant with flames surrounding it. Those who look more human got themselves an ordinary bar cell. There are many other creatures ranging from satyrs, centaurs and orcs to lamias, sirens and gorgons to chimeras, wadjets* and hydras.


 As she made her way across the corridor of prison cells, the angry shouts had turn to compelling whistles. She ignored all of them and continued towards where an iron door was at the end of the corridor. A thin beam of light was cast on the floor from where the iron door had stood slightly ajar. She peered into the small gap and could only see 2 figures that she was able to make out as Pandonium and Isengar. However, they seem to be facing a third person that was out of her viewpoint. She could only catch a few words here and there which don't make any sense above all the shouting and whistling that was happening behind her. Oh, how she wish that they could just shut up so that she could hear what the three were talking about.


"No. I will choose to do whatever I want to do. You can't force me." an unfamiliar voice sneered. It sounded so clear almost like she's in the room with them. She turn back to look at those who were in their cell, their mouths were still moving however no sound was coming out from them. She focuses her attention on them a little longer and the shouting and whistling began to come back again. She focuses her attention back on the three of them that's in the room.


"Well, for one, it's better than staying in this hell hole and two, you get to use the powers which you have acquired to its full potential." Pandonium reasons. Eternia let herself feel happy for a moment. Happy that she was able to control yet another power she didn't know about before.


There was silence on the other side of the door. 'Something must have gone wrong' she thought. 'Pandonium!' She quickly push open the door to see Pandonium and Isengar quickly turning towards her preparing to get their weapons but when they saw her, they began to relax again.


"You've recovered?" Pandonium ask as she joins them to face this third person. Pandonium seemed worried enough. Isengar turn back to the man who was now in total view. He was around her height, his hair, violet coming down all the way to his chest level. He had pale skin. His eyes grey, soulless. He was definitely more musculine than Pandonium or Isengar. Eternia knew exactly what he was. She just didn't know if they know it or not. He was a half-demon. Not entirely evil, yet not entirely pure as well. 



wadjets*: wadjets are a race of giant cobras with vestigial wings that shoots acid out of its mouth.

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