Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


20. Chapter Nineteen - Giants!!!

They continue on their way again after they got chased out from Trevian by the caledrians but with a salamander friend to accompany them or Isengar rather. Their surroundings have change from a forested trees with streams and rivers at times to a complete wasteland filled with stones and rocks for company. But even then, the entire place was filled with a variety of colours, mesmerizing them. The weather, as if adding to their misery of a complete wasteland, begin snowing. Lightly at first but heavier as it progresses.


As they head towards the direction the caledrian, Requiem, pointed them towards Stratos, the storm becomes so heavy that it would become impossible to see anything beyond their hands if they were to stretch them out in front of them. Not only is it getting hard for them to see what's ahead but the chill that it's giving them, they can feel it all the way to their bones so they did the best thing that anyone could, would do in their circumstances. They set up camp.


Rave was still awake when he heard a sound coming from somewhere near them. It was the sound of something sizzling and there was a burnt smell in the air. By this time, the snow had already died down but it was still dark out. Eternia must have heard the sound too because she too was now on her feet.


Eternia shook Pandonium and Isengar awake where they quickly scrambled to their feet. They couldn't see anything from under the rock but then it slowly started to get brighter and brighter but only around the rock which they were under. Whatever that was there, was directly above them. They stood there waiting for a long time, trying their best not to make a sound and so was the thing that was above them.


Unable to take it anymore, Pandonium jumps out from under the rock. On the rock was an ifrit* stuck in a cage. It had a frighten look on its face. Whatever that was there, was long gone only a silhouette figure of a human engulf in flames intoxicated with blue and white around the edges remains within the cage.


"Hey there, little one, what's your name?" Eternia ask while the ifrit continues to look around frantically.


"You have to get out of here. It’s not safe here. They'll come back." the ifrit says.


"Who?" Pandonium ask.


"The giants. Quick, get out of here while you still can. Ooh... pretty." the ifrit lost in thought for a moment as it looks at the salamander. "No, no. I can't get distracted. You have to go now." it says as it continues to hurry them away. The sun, nowhere to be seen in the sky. However, the air around them is getting hotter and less dense with every passing second. "Oh no. They're coming back. It’s too late to run now."


Before any of them have a chance to speak, they were thrown off balance by something extremely hot. It came out of nowhere which leaves them unprepared for it. Looking up, they see several gigantic figures of the ifrit and like the ifrits, they were engulf in flames. Only difference was their size which was about three to four times of their own size towering over them.


"Fire giants*. Run!" Eternia shouted to the group, scrambling all of them in different directions. The heat, unbearable even under the cool night breeze. There is chaos everywhere as numerous fireballs flies all around the place.


Pandonium barely escaped a fireball which had come from behind him had it not been for Eternia. Isengar swinging his axe at one of the many fire giants that is around although it has little to almost no effect on them. Only Rave's punches seem to be working on them. However as soon as he took one out, two to three others would take his place and Rave therefore, outnumbered within minutes. And soon, they are being overwhelmed by the fire giants as the fire giants surround them completely with nowhere to run.


However, before the fire giants could do any more damage, it feels like a blizzard is heading their way as a few snowstorms begin to form and take shape. The fire giants start looking around expecting something to appear from the now heavy blizzard. Giant shadows** loom from within the blizzard. Their size similar to the fire giants as they step out from within the blizzard. Unlike the fire giants however, they seems to be coated with a layer of crystallize ice. Their entire figure, translucent. The fire giants didn't seem to be surprise in the least bit by this as they start communicating with each other. Their language foreign to them.


Their conversation however, didn't seem to go well as their words turns harsh. Anger and rage heard from their voices. Their argument growing more rapidly with every passing second and soon they were even at each other's faces throwing fire and ice around. This wasn't chaos. This was worse than chaos. With all the commotion taking place between the giants, they manage to escape from the area continuing on towards Stratos. 



ifrit* : It is a small human like creature with its body covered in fire completely. 

Fire Giants* : These creatures were much bigger in size, an enlarged version of the ifrit and probably the biggest in their own time.

Giant Shadows** : These as you may have already guessed are the Frost Giants. Like the fire giants, they too are huge in size however, their figure were made entirely out of ice instead of fire. 

A little of the Giants past : The Fire Giants and the Frost Giants were mortal enemies and would fight each other once they met as for the details why they became enemies, I will probably write it into a book. Maybe. They used to be brothers and there is also one other brother that they have which is the Mountain Giants who most of the time would stop them from their continuous fighting. 

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