Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


10. Chapter Nine - Betrayal

Isengar woke up on a soft material. Not something he was used to. He looked around the beautifully decorated room. The bed consists of some things which he had seen when they were back at the prism. On his left, stood a wardrobe and on his right, a small writing table. He had travelled around enough to know what these were. However, none of them in his travels had looked as grand as half the things in this room.


"I see you're up." a voice says. This voice was confident unlike him who was always afraid. He knew this voice and wasn't afraid of it. Always knew him and always will.


"Good morning." he told the other voice. He begins busy observing a golden box with carvings of people dancing by the side which emits music when open. However in all his travels, he had never seen anything as peculiar as this before. "Where are we? Where are the rest?" he ask after observing the box for a while and setting it back down.


"Some kind of palace from what I had seen earlier. All of us were put into different room. We are not going to look for them if that's what you want. I hate them. Why are we still travelling with them anyway?" the voice asks.


"Hate is a strong word, don't you think? Anyway, I think I like them. They offer comfort and protection. Feels like we have a family again. Besides they can fight for us. Remember how much I hate fighting?" he asks.


"I provide protection! We have each other. That's all that counts and besides, did you forget how much I like fighting?" the voice shouted furiously before sighing. "But like I told you before, I will go wherever you go and if that's your choice, then I will follow it." the voice tells him softly.


A knock at the door made Isengar turn towards it. He went over cautiously and opens the door. Behind it, stood Bowen without a single trace of the wounds he had before. He was wearing clean green and white gowns and he remain neat as always.


"Empress Gwen summons you." Bowen simply said not giving a hint of what happened like Isengar was a total stranger. He led him through the castle into a throne room. As they walk, Isengar was chatting with the voice. Bowen remain silent the entire way. The throne room was majestic. Guards with the silver armour emblazon with the red dragon's crest was placed on both sides of the room. Some of them, placed directly in front. In the center, stood Pandonium, Eternia and Rave, all of whom seem to be chatting with the empress who was seated on the throne. Her clothes were white, the material probably soft and silky from the looks of it.


"Now that you're up, we can officially begin." he heard her say as he came to stand beside the rest of them. Up front, he could see her black hair coming down to her chest level tied into a knot at the back of her head with slight twirls and curls around the ends. Her eyes, purple in colour, matching the earrings which she had on. She looks a little young to be ruling a palace but yet, here she was, running one. "So, Rave, tell me, were you one of those who was being kept imprisoned?" Her voice came out soft and gentle.


At that moment, a guard known to them only as Hagen burst into the room at this point, still wearing the same set of armour and helmet.


"Your majesty, are you not going to throw them into the dungeons or feed them off to the dragons? They destroyed most of the Prism." Hagen says trying to convince her.


"Hagen. We have guests and take the rest of them on your way out." she said sharply.


"But, your majesty..." Hagen started but was cut off immediately.


"Now!" she says before turning her attention back to them. Hagen didn't seem too happy about it but didn't say anything as she leave the room with the rest of the guards, leaving only Gwen, Pandonium, Eternia, Rave and Isengar in the throne room. "I don't really know how to say this but I need your help and I couldn't have said it in front of them." she says after the door was close. "There have been rumours going around that I have not been myself lately and there are times when some of them says they see two of me at one time. There are even times when I see myself when a mirror isn't in place but that isn't possible, is it?" she ask puzzled by her own question.


"She captures us just to help her? This girl is paranoid." the voice tells Isengar.


"Not unless she has a twin." Isengar tells him.


"What was that?" the empress asks looking at Isengar.


"Oh, ignore him. He's delusional, always talking about something which we don't understand." Pandonium says.


"No, I think I heard something relating to the topic. Not unless something." she wonders.


"Not unless you have a twin." Isengar finishes.


"That's it. A twin. But I don't recall ever having one." she tells them.


"Wow. That's the first intelligent answer you've given so far." Pandonium says as he starts to applaud for Isengar. "And you're mumbling to..." A loud noise outside cut Pandonium short as they hurried to the door.


A massacre of soldiers greeted them as the doors open and only one person remain standing in the midst of all the dead bodies. Hagen.


"What happened here?" the empress asks Hagen. Hagen was facing the other way so they could only see the back of the armour.


"I killed them." Hagen says turning to face them, the helmet had been slashed at and the part which covered the eyes was no longer there instead, all they see were bloodshot eyes staring out from the darkness of the helmet.


"No. I don't believe you. You are my most trusted companion and you wouldn't do something like that." the empress says walking back slowly in disbelief.


"Believe what you will." Hagen says simply walking away. All of them looking in horror. 

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