Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


5. Chapter Four - Forested Grounds

Dawn. Half of the sky in an orange glow. The other half still dark littered with stars. Pandonium was packing the last of his items which includes food, mostly food, putting aside his sword and crystal when Eternia burst through the door of his house with a small sling bag or rather pouch from her shoulder down to the side of her waist.


"What have you got in there?" Pandonium ask when he saw the pouch, as they leave for the entrance.


"Not much." she smiled allowing a little anticipation before she continued: "Just herbs and my spell book. What do you have in yours?"


"Food." Pandonium replied before pointing out that the entrance where they are headed have gathered a crowd. The mayor in front with Z and Eternia's 'mother', Hazel, being amongst the crowd while the rest of them just seems to be there because of the mayor.


The mayor congratulates them as soon as they approach. It took a while for the formalities to wear down and by the time they finally wish them well, say their goodbyes and be on their way, the sun have already brightened the entire sky.


The forest stood looming over the little town edging them to come closer. The forest which surrounds both the town and the temple have been around for a long time and had always been there to protect the existence of the crystal from any outsiders. None of the townspeople was allowed into the forest or even out of the town to prevent the crystal's whereabouts from spreading.


Pandonium and Eternia headed into the forest while those which have gathered wave their final goodbyes to them as they disappear into the darkness of the forest. The overgrowth of the trees prevents most of the light from flowing through creating some light in certain places. The sounds of the forest surrounded them as they carried on walking side by side.


"So what were you going on about your mother yesterday? Or rather what didn't you go on about her?" Pandonium ask as they walk heading north with a compass that Z had given to him just earlier that day before they depart.


"Eternia, come sit." Eternia says impersonating her mother: "I need to tell you something about yourself. It all happened on a night quite like this night. Except when she was telling the story, it really was night. There wasn't a single breeze in the air and the night eerily silent. He appeared from the direction of the temple, a child in his hands, all the while saying 'Don't let them find the kid. No one must ever know of this child's existence.' before he collapse onto the ground." Eternia stopped and raise a finger to her lips signalling Pandonium not to make a sound.


Eternia listen intently to the surroundings, being an elf, she could pick up sounds which the normal human ear can't. Pandonium then pointed towards the front where a small orange glow could be seen. As they walk towards the orange glow, the glow got dimmer and dimmer and by the time they approach the area where the orange glow was supposed to be, it was filled with darkness instead. They contemplated the surroundings around them and realised that although the overgrowth still covered the entire area, the area was a small empty land filled only with grave tombs. They were in neat rows of a 5 gravestones by 5 gravestones making a square. However instead of having 25 tombs, there were only 24. In the middle of the graveyard where the last tombstone was supposed to be was being replaced by a campfire pit which was still warm.


"I'll bet anything that the glow we saw earlier came from this campfire pit." Pandonium said.


"Not so loud. Whoever that ditch their campfire might have seen us coming and could still be close by." Eternia whispered just loud enough for Pandonium to hear as they look around.


Pandonium draw his sword preparing to counter any surprise attack but even what happened next, Pandonium could not prepare for. Hands began appearing from the ground and who or whatever they are began pulling themselves out of the ground. Eternia cast a barrier around them while Pandonium positions himself such that he is in between Eternia and the things that just came up from the ground.


Pandonium studied them as they walk slowly towards them. They look like normal human beings other than the fact that their flesh seemed to have been melted away. Some even have their eyeballs hanging out from their sockets literally. The smell of dried blood was all around them. They were zombies.


Pandonium steadied himself as they come closer still. Not backing down, Pandonium took a slice at the nearest 2 zombies detaching their legs from the rest of their bodies causing them to fall to the ground.


"Pan! What are you doing?" Eternia shouted, her voice came out shocked. Pandonium look back at the zombies and he too was shocked, more surprise rather. The zombies now on the ground were crawling towards them using their own hands to pull themselves forward. "They are zombies. The only way to kill them is to separate their brains from their bodies."


"Got it." Pandonium replied slicing off the head of the closer zombie that was crawling towards them. He took out the rest of the zombies easily with Eternia, all the while holding up the barrier to prevent the zombies from coming any closer. The smell of the decayed human bodies around them was immense as they continued back on their path leaving the smell of zombies behind them. Just as they left the area, Pandonium caught sight of a shadowy figure leaving the area. Just a glimpse of it.


"That was weird, usually zombies don't just come to life on their own. Someone must have been controlling them back there." Eternia explained as they continued walking through the forest.


"Who would do such a terrible thing?" Pandonium ask when a shadowy figure jumps out from among the treetops causing them to be on their guard.


It was the same shadowy figure which Pandonium had spied earlier, now stood on a rock in front of them towering over them. It stretched out its right arm, palm facing upwards from beneath the cloak that it was wearing. The cloak covered the figure from top to toe only its bony hand could be seen stretching out from underneath its cloak. The rest of it hidden. The figure jumped down from the rock on which it stood, hand still outstretched. They realised that the figure wasn't really tall and it was hunched back as it walk towards them.


"What is it you want?" Pandonium demands drawing his sword. Eternia, preparing to cast a spell beside him if the figure makes any sudden movements.


The figure looks like it was studying them contemplating if it was wise to communicate with them. After what seemed like a stare down between them for hours, the figure finally spoke in a croaked voice. "The crystal. Hand it over. I know you have it."


"Crystal? What crystal? We don't know what you're talking about." Eternia responded.


"Don't play dumb with me!" the figure shouted before releasing a high pitch shrill causing them to cover their ears. Pandonium and Eternia dropped to the ground, hands covering their ears as the figure approached them slowly and began to search them still producing the same high-pitch sound. The figure was on Pandonium as it looks through the contents of Pandonium's bag. Pandonium however, was eyeing his sword just several metres away from him. He tried reaching for the sword but as soon as his hands leave his ear, they were back there again. The noise was just too defending. Pandonium look over to where Eternia was and realised she was having it much worse than he is. Eternia was screaming while rolling around the ground begging for the sound to stop. Pandonium thought to himself: 'Reach out, grab the sword and slice the figure.'


Pandonium began to put his plan into motion. First, reaching for the sword. His fingers just within reach of the sword. He stretched further missing his sword just by a few inches. 'Just a little further.' He could feel the side of the handle as he reached out even further. His hand grabbed the entire handle as he swing his blade over to where the figure was just as the figure turned around. As the figure saw the blade, the high pitch shrill got louder instantly and Pandonium unable to handle the noise, uses the handle to give a blow to the figure instead causing it to fall off balance with the forest growing silent all at once, the blue crystal falling out of its skeletal hand. The figure got up, without looking at them fled the scene while croaking something almost inaudible.


"Are you all right?" Pandonium ask helping Eternia up before retrieving their belongings as well as the blue crystal.


"I'm fine but did you hear what he said before leaving this place in a hurry?" Eternia ask as they were still packing their items into their bags which the figure earlier had made a huge mess of.


"Something about lycanthropes I think but he might just be angry that he was unable to get the crystal." Pandonium replied.


"Lycanthrope?" Eternia cried out looking around: "We've got to get out of here. Lycanthropes are similar to werewolves. Only difference is a Lycanthrope can choose when it wants to change whereas a werewolf can only change during a full moon." Eternia explained picking up her pace while anxiously looking around the forest. They both stopped in their tracks when they hear the howl of a wolf some distance away. They quickly ducked behind a tree as a huge white wolf came into view. On it sat a rider with an axe in its right hand. The wolf sniffed around the place while its rider kept looking around searching for something or someone.


"We know you're around here. We can smell you." the rider says aloud. Pandonium and Eternia look at them remaining silent. A rustle from behind them made them turn around and stare straight at a wolf. This one was around the same size as the first with the only difference, it being black.  


"So that's where you were." the rider says as they came out from where they were with the wolf behind them. "Good job, brother. Now what should I do with you?"


"What did we ever do to you?" Eternia asked as they approach the rider with the wolf.


"Oh I'm sorry, that must have been rude of me. Where are my manners? My name is Asena and these are my brothers Skoll and I've seen you've met Hati." Asena says sarcastically. "And now let me ask you one question. What are you doing here in our territory?" Asena growled showing part of his fangs, his tone replaced by rage.


"We didn't know this is your territory. If we did, we wouldn't have intruded in the first place. Honest." Eternia says with an innocent look on her face. Pandonium nodding his head in agreement to what Eternia had said.


"Fine but if we catch you in our territory again, we won't hesitate to kill you. Is that clear?" Asena ask.


"You see, now that will be a prob..." Pandonium started saying before he got cut off by Asena.


"And why would there be a problem?" Asena ask, a devilish smile appearing on his face. The wolf he was on began baring his fangs at them.


"No, there will be no problem at all." Eternia says quickly using one hand to cover Pandonium's mouth, the other pulling his hand to follow her. As they left the place, they could hear behind them the wolves howling. Once they were out of earshot, Eternia remove her hand from Pandonium's mouth as she took the lead through the forest.


"What was that for? You do know that we have to pass through there again later don't you? Now we'll just have to find another way to get back." Pandonium says aloud replying himself thereafter chasing after Eternia.  


"It was unavoidable. You should know by the look on his face. Now, what was I saying before we got interrupted? Right, Z having just entered the town." Eternia says as they continued walking through the forest. The forest was much more silent then before as if the entire forest creatures were observing them, waiting to make a move on them. Pandonium stays alert to his surroundings as Eternia continues her story. "So, when Z wakes up, he couldn't remember anything about himself not even his own name only an alphabet, Z which is how we call him by now. As for the child, that child was me a long time ago and seeing how Z was, I was being taken in by my current mother, Hazel."


The forest opened up into a cliff clearing filled with grass just as Eternia finish telling her story. Beyond the cliff stood a large mountain where a waterfall was in the way. The wind blowing strongly from the left as they exit the forest and onto the cliff. They moved cautiously towards the edge of the cliff and peered over it. Below them, although they could only see the waterfall splashing, the sound of splashing water was loud. So loud that they could barely hear anything from behind them. Only when an arrow hit the mountain side at where they were looking at did they realise that there was someone behind them. The number of arrows increase in quantity dramatically and there was nowhere for them to run or hide. They were in the open. Their only choice was to jump. Holding hands, they jump into the waterfall. The pressure of the waterfall was too intense, knocking them unconscious. 

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