Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


6. Chapter Five - Waterfall Cave

Thud. That was the sound to which Eternia woke up from. Her head was throbbing from the pain. She had to lay back down again to reduce the pain. As the pain subsided, she took a look around the place, no doubt that they were in a cave. The only source of light came from the entrance of the cave. The cave look like it was built for something small. Her height just barely inches away from the ceiling. Pandonium lying beside her still unconscious. They were near the cave entrance and outside, the waterfall making loud splashes. Eternia use the water to wash her face before drinking some of the water from it.


Thud. There was that sound again. Where was it coming from? Eternia wondered just as Pandonium began to come around. Eternia began to help him as he tried getting up but fell back down to a sitting position with his hands on his head. His expression showing great pain.


"Here, lie down." Eternia says helping him so that his head was facing the ceiling. When he was finally with his back to the ground, she held his head and recited some words. The pain was gone in an instant.


"Thanks. Where are we?" Pandonium ask getting up and taking in his surroundings for the first time. "Looks like some sort of tunnel."


"We came in through here." Eternia says motioning towards the entrance of the cave where a huge waterfall has hidden the cave entrance. "We must have gone through the waterfall when we jump which landed us in this cave."


Thud. There was definitely something in the cave with them. Pandonium and Eternia both turned towards where the sound came from and look into the darkness of the cave. Thud. They begin to venture into the cave. After they made their first turn, they noticed that the cave was indeed lit but just barely. As the noise got louder, it got more and more irregular. There was even a mix of metal scraping against metal. They ventured further in still. The tunnel consists of only one path which meant that if anyone were to use the tunnel that they were walking through, they would most certainly have met with a fight but up to now, there was still no one which could mean that no one uses this tunnel anymore.


They have finally reached the end of the tunnel which opened up to a huge cave. The cave was brightly lit with huge machines all over the place. Near the machines, there was also a cylindrical shape object filled with water and in it was a golem, brown in colour like the walls in the cave. There were also other tunnels leading away from this place. They peered over the edge of where they came out from hidden perfectly by a huge rock. Here was where the noise was at its loudest. Below them, all over the place were filled with goblins and they were fighting each other. Their swords were drawn, some with bows and arrows while others with axe. It was a total mess. Shouts and screams could be heard all around echoing off the walls of the cave.


"Why are we hiding here?" a voice came from somewhere to their left closer to Pandonium and they were shocked to come face to face with a goblin so soon. "I don't mean you any harm. Just hiding here that's all." the goblin quickly exclaimed when he sees Pandonium preparing to draw his sword. "Name's Isengar. You don't mind if I hide here with you two do you? Who are you two anyway?" he asks when he finally sees Pandonium and Eternia relax a little.


"Not at all. I'm Pandonium and this is Eternia." Pandonium introduces. "So what's happening here?" Pandonium ask indicating to where the goblins were fighting amongst each other.


"It was the king's orders that they are fighting to see who gets control of the golem. It was meant to be a friendly match but things got out of hand and I don't really like violence so I'm hiding here for the time being." Isengar says looking around wide-eyed.


"Seems like a stupid king. Why doesn't the king just use the golem himself?" Pandonium asks.


"Pan! Don't say it like that." Eternia exclaims looking at where Isengar was huddled against the rock.


"Maybe he didn't think about it that way?" Isengar was asking himself more than he was talking to them. He continued this for a while, mumbling to himself which even with Eternia's elven ears could hardly make out what he was saying.


"I think he's a little mental up there." Pandonium whispers to Eternia while Isengar was still mumbling to himself.


"Outsiders!" someone suddenly shout which took all three of them by surprise. Pandonium and Eternia turned to look at where the goblins were fighting which have now come to a stop and everyone glancing their way. Isengar remain huddled behind his rock still in his own world, unaware of the growing tension that was within the cave.


"Get them!" the goblin in the front centre row holding an axe shouted to the rest of them. The voice similar to the one who had spotted them, low and demanding. Arrows started flying towards them while those with swords and axes rush towards them, their weapons above their head.


"Stop, Stop, STOP!" Isengar shouted raising his voice with every word. The entire cave of goblins stops what they were doing and look to the owner of the voice. The rest of the goblins clear a path so that Isengar was in clear view with them. He was different. There was confidence replacing his wimpy self from before.


"Well, well look who it is. Finally decide to join the party?" a larger size goblin steps out coming in the path of Pandonium, Eternia and Isengar with his back to both Pandonium and Eternia confronting Isengar.


"NO, Asgabub. This isn't what we should be doing. Please, stop this madness." Isengar pleaded. He was falling back into his wimpy self again.


"This isn't madness." Asgabub says sternly. A slight hint of warning in his tone.


"All right, then you wouldn't mind if I do this do you?" Isengar says with his confident front walking towards the cylinder with the golem in it. As soon as he reaches it, taking out his axe from his side, he smashes it onto the cylinder breaking it instantly. Most of the goblins gasp as they look to see how Asgabub reacts to it.


"No. Stop. What have you done? That's my creation." Asgabub snarled angrily. He was furious. "Summon the grootslang*. I want the traitor and his new friends or rather the invaders to be killed. What are you waiting for? Get them!" Asgabub shouted. 



Grootslang*: A grootslang is a giant snake which lives underground creating tunnels.

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