Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


9. Chapter Eight - Rave

"Alright. I'll join you on your so called mission but after that I'm done." he said. "Now get me out of here."


"Not so fast." Eternia cried out before any of them could move. She was still wondering why they would want him to join them. Unless of course, he knew the exact location of any of the crystals or that he had one and was refusing to give it up. She would just play along for now however. "First, you'll have to sign." she says taking out a parchment and beginning to scribble some words on it. "You see, demons are bound to contracts. They can't break a contract and you can't take their word for it so a contract would keep him from doing what we don't want him to do and would be a necessity in this case." she explain. "I'll read out what we've got so far. He is not allowed to harm us in any way directly or indirectly. He is to follow us until all the crystals have been retrieve. Anything to add on?"


"How about obeying our every command?" Isengar suggested with a smug on his face.


"Not in your life, goblin!" the half-demon growled causing Isengar to cower behind Pandonium who was the nearest to him.


"That's it then. Now for the final touches." Eternia says tossing the parchment over to him. "Your blood if you may." Whilst they were in the midst of the contract, Pandonium and Isengar had already begun to work on the door so that the half-demon would be able to get out.


"I don't think we've been introduced yet. I'm Rave and you are?" he ask once he was done, hand outstretched towards Eternia clenched with the parchment.


"Eternia." she replied attempting to grab the parchment from him as he retracted a little. He step forward again with the parchment held out.


"You're feisty. I like that." he whispered into her ear. Eternia quickly withdrew herself from him snatching the parchment from his hand in that same moment.


"Don't get any ideas." Eternia hiss. "I'm doing this for Pan.. I mean everyone not just you." Rave seems to be enjoying himself. Eternia however, was utterly disgusted by it. That's when she caught sight of the yellow crystal which was embedded into his right hand. Oh, no. we're going to get stuck together for a while, Eternia thought to herself when Isengar interrupted her thoughts.


"Alright, its broken. Let's go!" Isengar says after a click sound came from the door on which they were working on. "You should be able to go through easily now, demon." Isengar using the same tone which Rave had used on him earlier.


"Don't mock me!" Rave snarled causing Isengar to cower behind Pandonium for a second time.


"Will you stop doing that?" Isengar ask coming out from behind Pandonium. "You see, that's what I mean right there." he accuses pointing towards Rave. He seemed to be telling only Pandonium this. Whatever they were talking about while working on the door, they brought it back here with them.


"We can settle this later. Right now, can we just get out of here?" Eternia ask. She was tense and rather on edge.


"Don't have to tell me twice." Rave says as he moved towards the door. Floating rather. They moved along the corridor where the others that were held prisoners were asking for their help to be release.


"We should help them out." Eternia says. She was feeling sorry for them. Rave however, wasn't but she wasn't about to tell him that. Especially him.


"What? Why should we help them? They'll never help us." Rave clearly wasn't happy about this.


"The more we should help them, don't you think? So that they would be able to help us." Eternia replied with a grin.


"What are you hinting at?" Rave asks getting annoyed.


"Ugh... I'll be blunt with you then. We, can use them as a distraction to the guards so that we can get out of here much easily." Eternia says, her grin slowly turning into a frown. "How could you not get that? Besides, we could follow the elves back to their village and get more information about the last crystal that we are getting. After all, they have been around for quite a long time. They should know some things about the crystals that no one else knows."


"She's got a point you know?" Isengar began to speak up but when Rave gave him a hard stare, he quickly went back to whimpering.


"All right, fine." Rave answers though still not happy about any of it as all of them started working on destroying the cells. The cells were easy enough to destroy and as soon as everyone was out of their cells, they started pouring out of the place like water.


If the place was in a mess earlier, it was now in total chaos as they made their exit through the front doors where they had entered from. The guards were trying to contain the situation but they were being overpowered by the prisoners. That is until another 2 groups of soldiers that looked like they had been preparing for war came out from both sides of the prism. Their armour silver with a red dragon's crest on the front. They were armed to the teeth with a set of weaponry that had been suited to fit in with their armour. Knives and swords were the more common ones.


They tried not to concern themselves with the fight as they make a break for it. Several of the elves with them leading the way.


"Hold it right there!" a familiar voice shouted from behind them. They turn around to find a group of soldiers led by Renar and another man who was unfamiliar to them. "They are the ones, sir." Renar indicated to the one in gold plating armours who was clearly in charge of everyone here. A helmet was in place which masks the entire face. "And this here is Hagen." he introduced before he got rudely cut off.


"This is no time for introductions. They are a threat to us." Hagen says before turning to us continuing, "We trusted you enough to provide you with the accommodations which you require. Yet you betray our trust by freeing them? You will have to answer to the empress and let me assure you. You will be judged harshly. Guards, take them away!" Hagen says before turning around and walking off.


"I'm not going back in there." Rave says, not going down without a fight. Pandonium got ready his sword, Isengar his axe and Eternia, with whatever spells she could conjure up.


"Oh, you're not going back there. Not after all the damages you have done. No. You'll be going to somewhere much worse." Renar says.


"You won't be able to get me." Rave says charging forward towards Renar.


"Stop!" Pandonium shouted forcing Rave to stop in his tracks when he sees them dragging Bowen out from within the group of soldiers. He was badly wounded with blood covering most of his amour. He was in shock, unable to comprehend the current situation. "We surrender." Pandonium says, giving himself up.


"No, Pan! What are you doing? Do you know him?" she asked unable to understand what was happening.


"He was the one that allowed you to rest in there. I can't see him getting all the punishment for the trouble that we cause." Pandonium explain.


"Knock them out in case they try anything funny." Renar told the guards as they were taken back to wherever it was that they were being taken back to. 

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