You Are My One &Only

Three girls, Emma, Isabella, and Kendra, have just moved to London and happen to meet five boys, One Direction to be exact. The boys fall for the girls immediately and the girls just so happen to be fans. The boys and the girls stick with each other through everything; their friendships are put to the test. Will they be able to over come their troubles? (So this is my story that I wrote on tumblr, but it was called Moments. I added a few changes to make it better. Hope y'all like it!)


7. Let's See How London Does These Things

Niall’s POV:

I wake up the next morning in the guest bed in Harry and Louis’ flat with Liam. He has the entire blanket which explains why I’m freezing.  Last night Liam did a twitcam and we ended at around 6 in the morning, which was only four hours ago. I was too tired to go to my bed. The twitcam was a blast though, the fans were awesome as always. They always make me smile with the things that they say. Like one girl tried to get me to repeat this phrase in Spanish. I didn’t say it because; one, I was laughing too hard at it, and two, I don’t like to speak Spanish. We also got asked about the girls. I got asked about Isabella and why I was holding her hand as we ran to Nandos. I told them that she was just a good friend, along with Emma and Kendra, but I know that I’m just lying to the fans and to myself. I feel something whenever I’m with her. I don’t know how to explain it, but all I know is that it’s a weird feeling that I like. I’ve never had many girlfriends, I didn’t think that I should have tied myself down like that, but with Isabella, I’m starting to rethink all of that.

           “Oh good morning Niall,” Liam says still half asleep. He doesn’t even have his eyes open yet.

“Good morning sunshine,” I cooe to him like a mum would. He laughs and gets out of bed.

“You know you took all the blanket last night, or morning,” I state as I grab the blanket and cocoon myself in it.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You should have woken me up,” he says trying to make things right.

“Liam, I’m just joking. Jesus,” I say through a hole in the blanket, “I wonder if the other boys are awake.” And as if on cue the others come running in and jump on the bed, and magically I end up on the ground with a big thud.

”Whoops, sorry Niall,” Zayn laughs as he gets down to help me up.

“Well now I know I’m awake,” I say as I rub my sore back.

“How was the twitcam boys?” Louis asks in his usual perky self.

“What do you mean? You were watching it and commenting the whole night...  you too,” Liam says as he points to Harry and Zayn.

“Oh I know,” Louis says, “but I have to say it kind of looked like Niall has a thing for Izzy. I mean did you see how he blushed when they asked him if she was his girlfriend.” I feel my face turn red, out of embarrassment and anger. This is another reason why I’ve had little girlfriends.

“Oh shut up Lou. Don’t embarrass the kid,” Zayn says putting an arm around my shoulder.

“Gee thanks Zayn,” I say sarcastically as I throw a pillow at both of them.

“Hey,” Louis shouts and take a pillow and throws it at me. I duck and it hits the lamp behind me.

“Oh, you’re in trouble,” Harry says as Liam walks over to pick up the lamp.

“You’re lucky it didn’t break,” Liam says setting the lamp back up on the table.

“Hey is anyone hungry?” I ask and run downstairs without waiting for an answer.

When I get downstairs I quickly get myself a bowl of cereal, the boys come down and serve themselves as well.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Zayn asks with a mouth full of cereal.

“Uh, I don’t know maybe we could take a walk through the park. I heard there’s a festival set up there. Plus Danielle and Eleanor will be there,” Liam says and Louis nods his head.

“Sure that sounds like fun,” I say getting another bowl of cereal.

“Oh and there’s a party tonight I thought that maybe we could go,” Zayn says.

“That sounds good,” Harry says.

“So we’ve now got our day planned out,” Liam says getting up. After that we all go upstairs to get ready then we call for a car and we’re on our way to the festival.

Kendra’s POV:

I’m in the room finishing up with unpacking everything and Isabella’s helping me. Emma’s still in bed. After last night’s jog she seemed better, but I know her well enough to know that she’s just really good at hiding her problems.

             Emma starts to wake up and Izzy and I walk over to her.

“Good Morning beautiful,” I say.

“Good day,” she says rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, clearly still tired.

“How are you doing?” Isabella asks stroking Emma’s long hair.

“I’ve been better, but you know what? I wanna get out and walk around,” Emma says giving a weak smile.

“That sounds good,” I say clapping my hands.

“Yeah, I heard that there’s this festival in town and that it’s really good,” Isabella says.

“Cool, can we go,” Emma asks me.

“Sure why not. Let’s see how London does these kinds of things,” I say.

We all eat something and get ready for the day. I put on a loose fit peach tank top with a white collar, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of nude cut-out laced up oxford wedges. I style my hair in a boho braid updo with a white floral headband. I look at Isabella and see that she’s wearing a black tank top with a white camera that says ‘shoot me’, a pair of blue micro shorts, and a pair of white converse strapped hightops. Her hair is curled with a black beanie. Emma walks out of the room with denim short overalls, a grey crop top that has the number 17 on it, a pair of seamless bike shorts, and a pair of hot pink studded hightops. Her hair is wavy with headband that has a big hot pink bow.

We walk out of the hotel and jump in a taxi telling the driver where to go. When we get there we pay the driver and get out.

The festival’s crawling with people. We go around seeing some of the booths and we jump on some of the rides. It’s actually quite fun. We go to get some food at one of the stands when we notice a big group of girls screaming and huddling around some boys, wait that’s…

“Hey aren’t those the boys?” Emma asks pointing to One Direction with their girlfriends trying to make their way through.

“Uh yeah,” Isabella says as the boys notice us. They wave and we wave back. Then Niall starts jumping around and waving like crazy.

“I think they noticed us,” Emma says giggling.

“Isabella he’s so cute. Tell me you like him,” I say looking at a now blushing Isabella.

“Um yeah I think I do, but don’t say anything, and I mean anything,” she says and looks at Emma.

“Okay, I won’t,” Emma says putting her hands in the air.

“Hey girls,” Louis says holding Eleanor’s hand. They are so cute.

“Hi,” Emma says all bubbly; damn she’s good at hiding pain.

“Girls this is Danielle and this is Eleanor,” Liam introduces us to their girlfriends.

“This is Emma, Isabella, and Kendra,” Zayn says as he winks at me. I blush and bite my lip.

“Hello girls, oh my God I love your shoes, Kendra,” Eleanor says to me.

“Aw thank you Love,” I say, “And love those earrings that you have on.”

“Thank you, Louis got them for me,” she says giving Louis a quick peck on the cheek.

“Wow Louis you have good taste in jewelry,” Emma says.

“So Emma how’s everything?” Harry asks her.

“Oh it’s all good, um everything‘s all right,” Emma answers looking at her hot pink high tops. Harry doesn’t seem convinced, but he lets it go. Then he grabs Emma’s hand and pulls her off into the sea of people. Isabella and Niall run off somewhere as well.

“Kendra wanna come with me?” Zayn asks.

“Sure,” I say and Zayn takes my hand in his. I know that this day is going to be good for all of us. As I walk away with Zayn, I get the phone call.

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