You Are My One &Only

Three girls, Emma, Isabella, and Kendra, have just moved to London and happen to meet five boys, One Direction to be exact. The boys fall for the girls immediately and the girls just so happen to be fans. The boys and the girls stick with each other through everything; their friendships are put to the test. Will they be able to over come their troubles? (So this is my story that I wrote on tumblr, but it was called Moments. I added a few changes to make it better. Hope y'all like it!)


3. Harry's and Louis' Place

Emma’s POV:

Louis still has my hat, but I could care less. We are walking off the plane with One Direction, in London! I was squirming and Harry notices me and laughs. He puts his arm around me, making me blush.

“You look like a little girl who just got a pony for christmas. Calm down,” Harry says to me.

“Well yeah, I mean I’m in London with my best friends,” I say looking over at the girls who were talking to the other boys. Then I look up at Harry.

”And I’m walking with Harry Styles. I can take that off of my bucket list,” I say. He gives me a smirk and then I skip away with my guitar case in my hand. I always keep it with me, it’s my life.

We walk down to the end of the hall and Liam introduces us to Paul.

“Hi,” the girls and I say together.

“Hello ladies,” Paul says giving us a little wave. “

“Paul we were wondering if we could give the girls a lift,” Liam says. Paul seems to think it over, then nods.

He escorts us to the baggage area, and the girls and I look at each other. We follow him and can hear all the fans screaming. I see so many colorful signs, and when the boys all wave at the fans, their screams get even louder. It’s cute how they all hold their hearts whenever the boys blow a kiss to them.

“Whoa, I think I just popped my eardrum,” Kendra says holding her ears.

“Yeah sounds like us when we did pep rallies back in Boston,” I said laughing.

“Yeah they can do that sometimes,” Zayn says, “Don’t worry I’ll protect you,” he says to Kendra and flexes. Kendra giggles  and offers him a smile that reaches to her ears.

I  then look at Isabella, remembering that she hates big crowds.

”Will you be okay?” I ask her noticing her playing with her nails. She shoots her head up

”Uh, yeah. Yeah I’ll be okay,” she says giving me a smile that tells me that she’ll try to get through this.

”Don’t worry I’m just the same. I’ll help you get through this, together,” Niall says reaching for Isabella’s hand.

”My superman,” she says and they both smile.  

Louis shakes his head.

”What? So now Niall’s going to steal my super identity? This is bull,” Louis huffs and walks ahead of them.  Everyone laughs and I run up to Louis and grab my hat.

“I’m taking my hat now, cause if one of your fans reaches for it thinking it’s yours, I’m never going to see it again. Then you’ll have to get me a new one,” I say and he just looks at me and shrugs.

” You guys all go and get your luggage and we’ll give you girls a ride home,” Paul says pointing to the baggage area.

“Do you girls want to come to our place and hang out. You know before we drop you off at your place?” Liam asks starting to go look for his bags.

“That sounds like fun,” Isabella says finding one of her bags.

“Yeah maybe you guys could stay for dinner as well,” Niall says rubbing his stomach. I laugh and start to think about food as well, I’m starting to get hungry.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I say finding one of my purple bags. “Ugh,” I say frustrated trying to get the other bags that keep going around. I was getting dizzy of seeing all the bags go around in circles.

“You okay?” Harry asks chuckling. He then grabs my other bag.

“Thanks. I probably would have been here for hours if I was doing this on my own,” I say.

“No problem,” he says getting his bag.

Everyone gets all of their things and we start to walk towards the exit. The screaming gets louder and louder. Then we see all the fans waving like crazy and the boys waved back. Man am I getting a headache.

Niall’s POV:

I don’t really like being in big crowds, but it’s part of my job and I love my job! I wave at fans left to right and then I look at Isabella who looks kind of uneasy. I put my arm around her.

”Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon,” I say to her. She looks up at me and smiles.

“Girls keep your heads down, don’t answer any questions, and stay close,” Liam advises. He always knew how to respond to situations like this.

The girls did as they are told and keep their heads down. The crowd is bigger than expected and and I keep my arm around Isabella. I look towards Zayn and see that he also has his arm around Kendra. Harry is about to put his arm around Emma, but it’s too late; she’s pushed out of the way by fans to get to Harry.

The fans are yelling, “Harry, I love you! Niall, marry me!” and so on. They get even crazier and start to push the other girls out of the way. I lose Isabella for a quick second, but I find her and grab her hand. I pull her into the van and the boys and Kendra followed closely.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have let you go. Are you okay?” I ask Isabella checking her over.

“Yeah, don’t worry. I’m just amazed at how much they love you,” she says fixing her hair.

I look around and see that Harry and Emma were missing.

“Where’s Harry and Emma?” Louis asks. Just then Harry gets in the van.

“Come on, come on,” he yells holding onto Emma’s hand. They sit down trying to catch their breaths.

“Jesus,” I say looking at the two,”What happened?”

“Oh well the fans grabbed Emma, I lost her, then found her, and now we’re here,” Harry says flipping his hair.

“That shit was crazy!” Emma yells. She then opens her guitar case and yells,”They broke my guitar! That’s it I’m done!”

“It’s okay. Maybe we can fix it,” Harry says concerned.  Emma just closes up the guitar case and lets out a breath.

“Are you okay? Sorry are fans can be a bit crazy,” Harry says straightening Emma’s hat.

“A bit? And yes I’m okay,” Emma says offering a smile.

“Thank God we’re all save,” Liam says.

“Yeah, I promise no more fans on the tour of London,” Louis puts in.

“That seems impossible,” Isabella says shaking her head.

Harry’s POV:

We are on our way to our house, and the boys and I point to a few things outside. We laugh at each others stories of when we were young and talk about our fears. No one is surprised when Liam says he feared spoons, but when Isabella says that she did too, we couldn’t believe her.

“Really?” Niall asks not looking convinced.

“Yeah, ever since third grade. I went to a carnival and there was this guy in a spoon costume and he was chasing me around. Since then I just find a way to eat my soup with a fork,” she says laughing at herself.

“And if you think that’s weird wait until you hear about Emma’s many fears,” Kendra puts in. We all look at Emma who shoots her head up.

”Me?” she asks pointing herself.

“No, the other Emma,” Isabella says in a sarcastic tone.

“Well… Let’s see. I’m scared of spiders, actually, anything with more than four legs scare me,” she starts off, but is interrupted by Louis.

”How about four nipples? You scared of anything that has more than two nipples?” he asks her. We all laugh and I just glare at Louis.

“Well, it depends. I need to see these four nipples,” Emma says turning to me and winking.

“Lets leave my nipples alone and let Emma finish listing her fears,” I say laughing along with the others.

“Um, I’m scared of straws,” she says and clicks her tongue.

“What do you mean?” Zayn asks leaning over in his seat to hear better.

“Ever since Isabella tried shoving a straw down my throat, I’ve stabbed myself a couple of times, so I just think that they’re out to get me,” Emma says shrugging.

“You’re joking?” Liam asks.

“Nope I’m serious,” Emma says crossing her heart.

“When did Isabella start this?” I ask her.

“Um, two summers ago while I was drinking an ice coffee,” she says.

“I said I was sorry,” Isabella exclaims

“I know, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m now forever scared of straws,” she says. The boys and I laugh at them to going back and forward on whose fault it was.

Emma’s POV:

As we near Harry’s and Louis’ place the girls and I take each others hands and smile.  When we get there we get out of the van and  the girls and I leave our bags in the trunk because we were going to be dropped off at the hotel later.

We follow the boys inside and get a quick tour of the place. It’s nice for a flat that only two boys live in.

“Nice place,” Kendra says.

“Yeah,” Isabella and I say together.

 “Yeah and the kitchen is the best part, especially if you’re hungry. And man am I hungry,” Niall says going into the kitchen and starts to get things out to make pasta .

“Me too,” I say rubbing my stomach.

“Well that’s a surprise,” Isabella says in a sarcastic tone. We help Niall make some pasta and we all sit down to eat.

“Man I love this,” I say taking another bite.

“You like anything that’s on a plate,” Kendra says.

“True,” I agree.

“Cool another food lover,” Niall says high-fiving me. “You’re my new best friend,” he says laughing.

“Cool,” I say smiling.

After we finish eating we sit in the living room and start to play truth or dare. My favorite game. We all get a turn, then it’s Isabella’s turn to ask Niall.

“Uh dare,” Niall says, but you can easily tell that he’s regretting it.

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