You Are My One &Only

Three girls, Emma, Isabella, and Kendra, have just moved to London and happen to meet five boys, One Direction to be exact. The boys fall for the girls immediately and the girls just so happen to be fans. The boys and the girls stick with each other through everything; their friendships are put to the test. Will they be able to over come their troubles? (So this is my story that I wrote on tumblr, but it was called Moments. I added a few changes to make it better. Hope y'all like it!)


10. Flat Finder

Isabella POV:

I wake up the next morning in Niall’s arms. I can hear his heart beating. I lay there with my head on his chest, moving up and down slowly. This feels so right as if Niall and I are puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Last night he told me that he liked me and I told that I did too. I do really like Niall I mean what’s not to like about him. He’s cute, funny, smart, and in all a great person who makes me smile.

I look over at the clock and see that it’s 10 in the morning and Niall’s still sleeping. I get up carefully and then I start jumping up and down on the bed.

“Niall, Niall help me,” I yell, then I drop to the floor. Niall shoots up worried and looks around.

“Izzy, where are you?” he asks panic creeping in his voice. I shoot up from the floor.

“Here I am,” I yell. Niall sees me and literally jumps two feet back and lands on the floor with a big thud.

“Jesus, Izzy,” he says as he gets up slowly.

“Sorry,” I giggle walking over to him. I wrap my arms around him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

“Oh… that’s okay, I could never be mad at you,” he says after smiling. I smile and dig my face in his neck.

“Morning, Niall,” I say. Niall hugs me tighter.

“Morning, Love,” he says back. I smile up at him. I love the sound of his morning voice. I felt his chin resting on my head.

“Hey, do you want breakfast, because I think everyone’s downstairs,” I say as I push myself away from him. He nods then runs out of the room.

“Race ya,” he yells, already half way down the hall.

“Hey, that’s not far,” I yell back and follow after him. As i reach the end of the stairs I see everyone eating, but Niall. I look around and jump when I feel a pair of arms wrap around me. They belong to Niall and he lifts me off my feet and carries me over to an empty seat next to Emma.

“Thanks,” I say after laughing and watch as he sits next to Zayn.

“Hey guys,” Emma says still half asleep. She rests her head on Harry’s shoulder and he kisses the top of her head. They’re just so cute! I’m happy for Emma. She deserves a guy like Harry, and not like Luke.

“I knew my idea was good,” Danielle says bringing my attention to the table.

“I mean look at these two, they’re so cute. Oh, and Niall and Izzy. I knew there was something,” Danielle says. She smiles at me and I smile back. Luckily, I like her, because if she was some random chick telling me that, well things would go a little differently.

“Maybe,” I say as I wink at her.

“Don’t worry Babe. I know what you mean,” she says as she takes a bite of her food. I look at Niall and the boys and watch as confusion takes over.

“So Kendra how did you sleep?” I ask, a devilish smile appearing on my face. Kendra’s face got red and she clears her throat.

“Oh, um good,” she says staring at her food.

“Comfy?” I ask trying again to get something out of her.

“Uh, yeah,” she says as her face turns a darker shade of red. I give up. She never tells me anything, but if something happens to me and Emma, then she has to know.  

I turn to Emma who clearly is confused. I whisper in her ear what happened last night.

“See how red her face got, we all know that something went down,” I whisper and I watch as Emma’s eyes widen and she burst out laughing. She’s laughing so hard that she covers her mouth with her hand and hides her face behind me.

“What’s so funny?” the boys ask in unison.

“Nothing.. just nothing,” I say as I pat Emma on her back. The boys look at us as if we’re crazy, which we sometimes are. Emma and I have absolutely no boundaries with what we do. We’re super dirty and nothing will ever change that, which is why we’re perfect for each other.

“Hey, girls hurry. We need to get going,” Kendra says finishing up.

“What? You girls can’t stay?” Zayn asks frowning.

“No sorry we have things to do today. We need to find a flat,” she says as she gets up.

“Right,” Emma and I say in unison.

As I get up Niall grabs my hand.

“Do you have to go?” Niall asks me.

“Yes, but I’ll text you, promise,” I say.

“Well let us take you to the hotel,” Harry suggests.

“Well, I can deal with that,” Emma says nodding her head. Everyone laughs.

“Kay,” Kendra says.

We get ready then jump inside Harry’s car. Once we get to the hotel we say our goodbye and go upstairs.


We walk out of the room after we showered and got dressed. I’m wearing a Boston Celtics tee, a pair of legging capris, and a pair of green hightop converse. I leave my hair in its wavy state and just put on a green snapback with a face on it. The face had a bowtie and mustache.    

Then I look over at Kendra who’s on her phone, she has red cropped fringed top, a pair of shorts with a Union Jack on the side, and a pair of white greek sandals. Her hair is straightened with a white flower headband.

“Hey do you think we could stop at this music store to get me a new guitar?” Emma asks. She’s wearing blue cut off button down front tied shirt, a pair of denim high waisted shorts, and a pair of purple hightops. She also has a purple bowtie and black suspenders on. Her hair is out and curled.

“Sure, but then we start our search for a new flat,” Kendra says. We all nod and then leave the hotel.


We walk into a music store called Notes ’n Lyrics. The store has instruments everywhere, pianos of all sizes, guitars of all colors and mics in every corner.

“This is such a cool place,” I state as I take everything in.

“Hello, need any help looking for something?” sas a girl with blue eyes and wavy red velvet hair up to the middle of her back. She’s wearing a white cropped shirt, gray leather pants and purple sparkly Toms. She’ really pretty and seems to be our age.

“Uh, Yeah. My old guitar broke, and I need a new one,” Emma says looking around the store.

“Right this way,” the girl leads us to a back room where all the stringed instruments are. There are things from harps to banjos.

“I’m Katie, by the way,” the girl says as we near the guitars.

“Hi, I’m Isabella, and these are my cousin’s Emma and Kendra,” I say greeting Katie.

“You girls aren’t from around here, are you?” Katie asks looking over each us.

“Yeah. How’d you guess?” Emma asks Katie.

“Your accents. American, right?” Katie asks a look of pondering making its way onto her tan face.

“Darn, forgot to hide that,” Kendra says jokingly. We all laugh.

“Well if you need a friend, I’m here,” Katie says waving her hands.

“Thanks,” I say smiling and continue looking at all the electric guitars.

“So, Emma. What are you looking for?” Katie asks joining Emma.

“Um, just an acoustic guitar, that’s all,” Emma says looking up at the walls.

“Well, this is the last one that we have in stock right now for acoustics, so...” Katie says pointing to a Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural.


    Emma looks it over and smiles.


    “This is the same model I had,” Emma says and holds the guitar. She plays a few notes and smiles.


    “I’m guessing it’s perfect,” I say to Emma. She nods her head eagerly.


    “Great, we have cases over here,” Katie says and we follow her.


    Emma looks over all the cases and decides on a purple hard case with glitter, very Emma like.


    “Okay, I’m all set,” Emma states and we all go back up front and Emma goes to pay. As she does that Kendra and I look at some more things around the store. Over by the entrance is a rack of pamphlets of all kinds. I watch as Kendra reaches for one with the words Flat Finder in bold.


“This could help us,” Kendra says as she flips through it. Emma joins us with her new guitar inside of its case and we say our goodbyes to Katie. We leave and go over to a small cafe down the block.


“I got Katie’s number and she has mine, so we’ll be making plans soon,” Emma says as we take a seat in the far back of the cafe.


“She seems really nice,” Kendra states as she takes a sip of her coffee.


“She reminded me of a red-headed version of this one,” I say pointing to Emma.


“So, I’m sweet?” Emma asks me batting her eyelashes.


“Yup, and overly bubbly,” I say putting an arm around Emma. She shrugs it off and and glares at me. I smile at her then she smiles back.


“So, I was looking at these flats, and lets just say that finding a flat here will be harder than we thought,” Kendra says. Emma and I look at her confused.


“Whatcha mean?” Emma asks her playing with the rim of her cup.


“Well, first off. I still don’t know the difference between a pound and an American dollar. Do you guys know?” Kendra asks us. Emma and I shake our heads.


“I played my guitar using my credit card,” Emma states.


“Can’t we just use our credit cards? it does the whole transferring for us,”  I say looking at the girls.


“Yeah, but we can’t use them for everything. We’ll be in debt,” Kendra tells us. Ahh, Kendra always the mama of the group. And it’s a good thing too, because without her, I’m pretty sure I would be in trouble all of the time. She’s the one who stops me from making those bad choices.


“Well, we’ll figure something out. We always do,” Emma says as we all join Kendra in looking at the flats in the pamphlet. Just then Kendra’s phone starts ringing.


“Hello?” Kendra answers looking at us.


‘Who is it?’ I mouth. Kendra shakes her head and shrugs.


“Yes... Yes, we can... Sure... Uh-huh, at two?... That would be great. Thank you,” Kendra hangs up and looks at us.


“Well?!” Emma and I both ask eagerly.


”We’re going to see a flat tomorrow at two, that would really suit our needs,” Kendra says a bit unsure.

“How?” I ask.

“I have no idea, but I don’t care. Like Emma said, we always figure something out,” Kendra tells us. I look at Emma and we both smile.

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