You Are My One &Only

Three girls, Emma, Isabella, and Kendra, have just moved to London and happen to meet five boys, One Direction to be exact. The boys fall for the girls immediately and the girls just so happen to be fans. The boys and the girls stick with each other through everything; their friendships are put to the test. Will they be able to over come their troubles? (So this is my story that I wrote on tumblr, but it was called Moments. I added a few changes to make it better. Hope y'all like it!)


5. Damn this is Good


Isabella’s POV:

I wake up the next morning wondering if everything that happened last night was real. I mean I was at One Direction’s house, eating, playing games, and watching movies. That has to be a dream right? But it wasn’t. After we finished the movie the boys took us to the hotel that we are going to stay at until we get our flat. They said goodnight and the girls and I went to sleep.  

Now I’m hearing noises from the kitchen, most likely Kendra making breakfast, but then I hear laughing. That not Kendra’s laugh and Emma is in the bed next to me curled up in the blanket. I get up and go to the kitchen and there they are.

“Good morning Isabella! How’d you sleep?” Liam asks turning to hug me.

“Uh, good,” I say a bit confused. I look at the clock and see that it was 10 in the morning.

“We thought that we would stop by and give you girls a tour of London. But we see that you guys are late sleepers,” Niall says as he comes over to me. He puts his arm around me. I blush, wait what? I don’t blush.

“I love your PJ’s,” Niall says as he points at my ‘I love Irish Lads’ t-shirt, “What do you love about us?” I think for awhile.

 “I love their blue eyes and their accents,” I smirk and  walk over to Kendra who was holding a bowl of Lucky Charms.

“You do know that Emma will get mad if we eat these right?” I ask.

“Yeah I know, but there’s nothing else to eat. Don’t worry I’ll talk to her,” she says as she pours a bowl for herself.

“Do you guys mind if we eat first then get ready and go out?” Kendra  asks looking at the boys who were sitting on the couch across from us.

“No not at all take your time,” Zayn says as he looks her up and down, obviously loving her in those PJ’s. I have to admit Kendra does look cute. Actually she always looks cute, which would explain why she always has guys after her. She has on a white slim fit t-shirt and blue and white plaid shorts.  

“Where’s Emma?”  Harry asks looking around. I completely forgot that Emma was still in bed.

“She’s still asleep. She can literally sleep for hours,” Kendra says taking another bite of her cereal. Just then Emma comes into the room with the blanket covering her. All you can she is her face. She looks like a little five year old, which she kind of is, but in a 17 year body.

“I had the weirdest dream that we met One Direction and went to their house. And may I say that Harry was cuter than usual, and... OH MY GOD they’re right here.” Emma says finally noticing the boys, face turning bright red. Everyone in the room laughs. Emma covers her face with the blanket and Harry goes up to her. He takes off the blanket completely and she looks at him.

“Please tell me you didn’t hear that,” she begs. Harry looks at her and smirks.

“Oh I did, but it’s okay cause I thought that you looked cute too, just like you do now,” He pulls her in for a hug and whispers something in her ear. She laughs and comes to pour herself a bowl of cereal.

Emma’s wearing a pair of pink and black Aztec shorts, a pink tee, and a white beanie. She has a few curls sticking out of her beanie which frames her face. Emma has this innocent look, but after you get to know her she’s super naughty. Since she looks like she’s 15 she kind of gets away with some things.

After we finish eating we go upstairs to get ready. I put on a pair of blue denim shorts,a black starbucks coffee print vest top, and a pair of black hightops. I straighten my long hair and watch as it falls to my bum. I put on my black and green Boston Celtics snapback and my black RayBans.

I walk out to the living room and see the boys talking to Kendra who is wearing a cream tie front floral shirt, a pair of peach colored high waisted shorts, and a pair of peach and white studded wedges. Her hair is wavy and in a side ponytail with a peach lace-trimmed straw fedora.


“You look cute,” Kendra says smiling at me.


“Thanks Hun, so do you,” I say sitting on the couch next to Louis and Niall. Then Emma comes out wearing a ganado print trapeze top, a pair of high waisted denim shorts, and a pair of brown sandals. Her curly hair is in a half updo with a victorian lace gold steampunk  bow clip. I watch as Harry’s face lights up.


“So we ready to go?” Liam asks us and we all nod.



We’re walking around the streets of London on a bright sunny summer day. We stop at different shops just to look around and are stopped by fans every once in awhile, which we didn’t mind. The boys look so sweet signing things, posing for pictures, and answering questions. One little girl about 9 years old asked Zayn to show her his boombox tattoo, he did and then he signed her picture. We keep on walking and notice that it’s getting close to lunchtime.

“Hey could we stop somewhere to eat? I’m kinda hungry,” Emma asks the boys.

“Yeah, me too,” Niall says rubbing his stomach.

“Well that’s a surprise,” Liam says sarcastically.

“Let’s show them Nandos,” Niall suggests.

“Why did I know that you were going to say that?” Zayn asks shaking his head.

“Cause you know me so well mate,” Niall says. He then turns to me.

“Would you like to eat in the best place in the world?”  he asks me.

“Um, sure,” I say and with that he grabs my hand and  we run down the street.

“Hey wait for us,” I hear Liam shout, but we are already down the street ready to go into a restaurant called Nandos. Right, right. This is Niall’s favorite restaurant.  We walk in and sit down. A few seconds later the rest of the crew joins us.

“Man you guys are slow,” Niall say.

“What are you talking about? You sprinted down here without notice,” Harry protests. We order and start eating.

“Damn this is good. I’m so eating here for now on,” Emma says.

“You say that with every new place you eat at,” I say.

“I know, but I really mean it this time,” she says laughing.

“Well then I’ll make sure to invite you everytime I go, kay?” Niall asks her. She nods her head furiously while she finishes chewing. Everyone laughs. I’m so glad that I listened to Emma when she asked me and Kendra to move here with her, because if I didn’t then I would never be doing any of this.

I’m finishing up my chicken and see that Niall’s staring at me.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” I ask knowing that I probably did.

“Oh n-nothing ,I was just…” he stops talking and takes a huge bite of his chicken making it impossible for him to answer me.

“Oh okay,” I say and continue eating.

‘I’m the kind of girl who puts dub on the track…’  Emma’s ringtone goes off.

“You’re a Cher Lloyd fan?” Harry asks Emma.

“Oh yeah, love her,”she answers. She looks at her phone to see who it is. Her face turns pale once she sees who’s calling. She quickly gets up to answer the phone somewhere else.

“Is she okay,” Harry asks concerned.

“I don’t know,” I say wondering what it could be.

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