One Direction Imagines

Hi Guys, Just comment bellow which person you want and a little about yourself. i hope you like them :)
-Nakia x


3. Harry ~ for: emmathetomlinson (Emma)

It was just me and Haz, the boys have been out with their girlfriends and Niall was out getting food, probably a big mistake, but oh well. Harry and I have been friends for about six months after I met the at a signing and we just kind of….clicked. We are only friends though, sadly. But he does know that I’m a Harry girl and I always have been. He knows that I like him…more than a friend. I wish I knew if he like me the same. Probably not. We decided on watching a movie, Love Actually because as every girl across the globe knows, its Harry’s favorite movie. I chuckled as the blonde ate a strawberry.  I looked up at Harry to see that he was already looking at me. He smiled down at me and pulled me onto his lap, I giggled and went along with it. I laid back into his chest as he wrapped his arms around my front. I turned my neck so that I was looking up at him. “Harry?” I lifted my hand to his angelic face. “Yes, babe?” he turned to face me. “Why do we act more like a couple if we are only friends?” I asked stroking his perfect cheek. He sighed and kissed the top of my head. “Because we both like each other more than friends.” he explained and by the time he finished, I swear, my jaw was on the ground. “W-what?” I pointed at my chest. “Yes. I like you.” he said once again. My eyes almost popped out of my head at his words. “Me? As in Me?” I questioned. I stood up and began pacing. I have no idea why, I just did. “Emma, its okay. We can do anything. I-I love you.” his head dove for mine as our lips met. I felt a fire in my stomach that I have never felt before being exploded throughout my entire body as our lips connected and moved in sync. He slid his tongue across my bottom lips before taking it between his teeth and lightly tugging. I gasped and wrapped my arms around his neck as he slid his wet warm tongue between my lips and into my mouth. I felt him push my back into his firm body, I gasped once again as I felt our crotches pressed together and his hard-on pressed onto my core. He rubbed himself against my body as he let out a soft moan.

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