Bad ∞ End ∞ Night

Fukai fukai mori no oku ni mayoikonda mura no musume
Iroaseta tegami o motte yoru no yakata ni tadoritsuku... The story of an immortal night. Original song and storyline by Hitoshizuku-P, Yama△ and Suzunosuke. By the way, I have rated this book yellow because i think it is not a green. However it is not that bad and if it was a film, I would age rate it 12. :)


5. The Room

Sobbing in fear, Miku pushed open the big heavy door and quickly closed it behind her. A little calmer, she turned around and her hands flew to her head in horror. "Jesus, Jesus! A room of coffins!" She screamed, her voice uncontrollably high. Piles of coffins carpeted the floor of the dark, cold room. Miku froze, not believing the insanity of it all. 


"Oh no! She found it..." Voices came from behind her as the mysterious family trailed into the room.

"What is she going to do?"

"Don't be scared... Please?"

"Stay calm, all will be explained."

"Wait! Where are you going?"


Despite these comments Miku ran out of the room, desperate to go anywhere other than this doomed mansion. Nevertheless, as she headed for the intimidatingly huge front door, something seemed to hold her back. She struggled against this strange force for a while, but eventually lost energy. She crumbled to the floor and cried, confusion finally taking over.





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