Bad ∞ End ∞ Night

Fukai fukai mori no oku ni mayoikonda mura no musume
Iroaseta tegami o motte yoru no yakata ni tadoritsuku... The story of an immortal night. Original song and storyline by Hitoshizuku-P, Yama△ and Suzunosuke. By the way, I have rated this book yellow because i think it is not a green. However it is not that bad and if it was a film, I would age rate it 12. :)


6. Keys

"What can I do to get back home?" Miku whispered, realising she had to do something instead of hopelessly weeping.

"Listen, listen to us explain." The blue haired man soothed.

"You are the main actress in this crazy show."

"You must follow the right script and achieve the happy ending."

"It's up to you, chose the right path."

"Mess up, and it's all over..."


Miku sat, silent, considering their kindly terrifying words.


"You will return when the play is over."

"Find the key to happiness, or will it be another Bad End Night?"


Miku's gasp was only just audible. "The key... The cold, glinting key..." Her eyes lit up in realisation at she looked at the great grandfather clock.





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