The Ballad of Moon Moon

Moon Moon's life and triumph as a stupid wolf in a meme.


1. The Pack Stands

                The pack moved slowly, cautiously, together in perfect harmony. Not one foot was out of line. They were an enigma, a cloud of fur and claws synchronized flawlessly.  At the front of the pack was the leader, Alpha Shadow, a ruthless and fiercely protective wolf.

                “Stop!” He growled to the group in his wolf language. “I can hear something.”

                They stood silently, listening to the wind. Alpha went to continue walking when something burst through the woods. A rabbit, still and serene, stared at the group. Alpha took a slight step forward, and that’s when the rabbit jumped off, terrified not of Alpha, but of a noise behind him. A clumsy, stupid looking animal rushes out of the tree, stumbling on it’s own feet.

                “Oh, God.” Mystic Hunter said. “Who brought fucking Moon Moon along?”

                Moon Moon was a burden. He was dumb and rather useless. He often brought more trouble than he’s worth.

                “Hey guys! Didya find food?” He said, his tongue sticking off.

                “No, asshole. You scared it off.” Ebony Lupis said, annoyed.

                “I did? I’ll get the thing! Watch me get this thing!” He then followed the tracks of the rabbit until he slipped and rolled over.

                “LOL. Moon Moon forgot how to dog.” Mystic said.

                Moon Moon sucked at being a wolf. Bottom line.

                He whipped around like a rocket and sniffed the air. “Do I smell watermelon?” He said. “Mhmm. That’s watermelon. For sure.”

                Ebony gives Alpha a look. “Can’t we just maul him?'

                 Alpha barks. “We don’t kill the living!”

                “Alp. We aren’t on season one of the Walking Dead. We can kill whoever we want.”

                Alpha debated this fact. Just watching Moon Moon trying to listen to rocks started to anger him, filling his bones with hate. He nods to Ebony.

                Slowly, slowly they creep in a circle around Moon Moon, who was oblivious to the fact that this was happening. They wrapped around him, a fiery ring of teeth and death. Alpha growled low.

                “Wazzup, Buttercups?” Moon Moon said. Ebony pulled back his lips. He struck, missing Moon Moon, who jumped out of the circle. “Huh?” Moon Moon was startled. He ran off into the woods. The pack had turned on him. He would have to start a new life.


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