Gotta Be You

When a die hard one direction fan meets her five idols for the first time how will the boys fall for she always dreamed or a far different way?


2. The Park!

 Nialls P.O.V

I woke up early so i could go for a walk before all the fans came and i couldnt without getting mobbed i jumped out of bed and threw on some random clothes that i could find ate breakfast and left but all that i could think of was the girl i saw on the flight home yesterday i just got home last night because me and the boys finished the tour just in time for summer and on the way home last night i saw the most beautiful girl i have ever seen i was gunna say hi but she fell asleep. I wounder where she was going anyways, and maybe fait will bring us together. Just as i was about to enter my favorite park i couldnt belive my eyes there she was sitting on the swing. Nows my chance i thought to myself, i fixed my hair and sat on the swing next to her but she didnt notice me for a few minutes. as she turned her head i saw her beautiful brown eyes. "omg h-h-hi" was all she could get out "hey ,i hope you dont mind me sitting here" i said starting to become nervous like what if she wasnt a one direction fan and she hated me or thoght i was ugly oh no what would i do that would be awkward. "NO not at all im a huge fan by the way" She said as quickly as possible well i guess that answers my questine "oh, and thanks" i said still staring into her big brown eyes "so i was wondering if you wanted to get to know eachother?" i said breaking the silence "okay" she replied looking at her feet blushing.

Lexi's P.O.V

D-d-did The Niall Horan just ask if i wanted to get to know him what do i say i was freezing up okay lexi stay calm he is just a normal person just like me "okay" was all i could say i looked down at my feet so he  couldnt see me blush which failed because he had "i like girls who blush" he said i just giggled " so do you wanna go get a coffee and chat?" he said breaking the silence "yea, sure that sounds good" i said looking up at him. He grabbed my hand and starting walking to the local coffee shop.


Niall's P.O.V

"yea, sure sounds good" she said. i grabbed her hand and prayed that there wasnt very any people there to ruin this. We walked in and i guess my pray worked there was about 3 people in there we sat down at a table near the back. a few minutes after we sat down a waitress came and took our orders. "So, how was the tour?" She said sounding like she didnt know what to say. We made small talk for a while until i said "so i was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place tonight and we can hangout and you can meet my mom" i said waiting for her answer she nodded and said "that sounds awesome" We talked for a bit more and it started getting late we didnt relize we were gone for so long until her mom called saying dinner was ready we agreed that we would meet up in two hours.....


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