Gotta Be You

When a die hard one direction fan meets her five idols for the first time how will the boys fall for she always dreamed or a far different way?


3. Nialls House

Lexi's P.O.V

I said goodbye to Niall and went home i ate fast and got ready. I brushed my hair and straightened  it perfectly put on some mascara and a bit of eyeliner, i slipped on my skinny jeans and a oversized sweater and a pair of uggs i was comfy yet looked good. I grabbed my phone off the charger and looked at the time i had 30 minutes left before he would come pick me up so i went and watched some t.v.

 Niall's P.O.V

i Got home and ate quickly and went to go see my mom "Hey mom" i said hopeing she was in a good mood. "Hey niall" she said with a giant smile "so..uhh..well i invited a girl over to hangout and meet you tonight" i said holding my breath, you see i have never really invited a girl over like i mean i have but not recintly so i was scraed for her reaction "NIALL THATS AMAZING , WELL WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING IN FRONT OF ME GO GET READY!!" wow she took that better than i thought "alright" i said running to my room i put on some jeans and a casual shirt and styled my hair i looked at my phone "shit" i mumbeled under my breath if i didnt leave now i would be late. i grabbed my keys and ran to my car started it and left reading my phone for the address .. 15 minutes later..... i pulled up to her house and got out and knocked on her door "be Right there i heard her yell"

Lexi's P.O.V

i heard a faint knock on the door "be right there!" i screamed hopeing he would hear me i jumped up and ran to the door fixing my hair and checking my makeup in the mirror right before i opened the door right when i opened it i looked at his face he had the biggest smile ever "H-hi" he said stuttering "hey" i repiled shutting the door we walked and got into his car "you look amazing" he said looking over at me "thanks" i said looking down blushing. We got to nialls house i didnt realize how close we lived to each other. I was welcomed by im guessing his mom giving me a big hug "Oh its so nice to meet you" she basically screamed "you too" i said moving my eyes to thier house it was way diffrent from what i expected. "here i will show you around" niall said grabbing my hand and showing me around his house a few hours later it was time to go "here i will drive you home" niall said starting to get up from the couch that we spent all night on chatting with his family. "alright, it was nice meeting you all" i said before turning and walking out the door.

*authors note*

hey guys thanks for reading so far!! i promise it will get more exciting!!! i promise ! and i will be writing a new book soon and it should be really goood i have it all planned out!!

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