Stranded With Him

16 year old Natalie was going to a boating party with her friends when a terrible storm hits, her friends are no where to be seen and her and a handsome boy named Niall are the only ones left on the boat. Will they ever find their friends? will they be stuck at sea forever? will they fall in love along the way?... read on and find out!<3


2. memories

    He reminded me of my dad, almost the same features, perfect smile, shaggy blond hair, the way his eyes lit up when ever he met someone new.  The only difference was that Niall was alive.  My mom and I lost my dad a few years back, about four years ago actually.  He was a fisherman, he was the best one too.  There was never a day where he didn't come home without something to show.  All I remember was that he had to go to work one morning just like always.  But he was gone a lot so it was kind of hard not being able to see him  around all the time.  My mom and I said our good byes.  He said he'd be back in one month.  but after that month was up, we didn't see him.  I waited at the docks every day after school for a year.  and that's when i had to accept the fact that he wasn't going to come back.


    "Ya, that's me."  Niall threw the covers off of his body and scooted himself over right next to me.  "are you okay?"  he looked at me while squinting his eyes.  I noticed that i was frowning and staring at my feet.


    "oh, ya i'm fine."  I stood up from the bed really fast and jumped up a few times.  "common, let get the boat ready to leave the docks."  I pretended to laugh to try and assure him that i am okay.  But the truth was, i didn't want to tell him about my dad, i didn't want my memories to define who i was throughout this trip.  


    I took Niall's hand and helped him up off the bed.  He smiled at me and we both went up to the main level of the boat.   

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