Stranded With Him

16 year old Natalie was going to a boating party with her friends when a terrible storm hits, her friends are no where to be seen and her and a handsome boy named Niall are the only ones left on the boat. Will they ever find their friends? will they be stuck at sea forever? will they fall in love along the way?... read on and find out!<3


4. I'm Not Scared

    When I woke up I noticed a blanket was wrapped around me, and i was lying down in my bed, alone.  Someone made my bed, and they made it perfectly almost no wrinkles in the sheets other then the ones i made by moving.


    Then it hit me like a bullet, i was crying.  "no" I whispered to myself I quickly sat up on the bed while holding my head.  It hurt, I had a headache, from sitting up too fast.  I looked over my right shoulder and found two wet stains from my tears, that were soaking the pillow.  "no, no, no."  I whispered again.  I hoped Niall didn't tell anyone about what happened, it would have ruined the trip.  oh no.  Niall, he must be so confused.  That is when I remembered his deep blue eyes staring into mine.  Don't cry, don't cry, I thought to myself.  But I knew I had to say something, or else i would probably go crazy.


    I slowly got up, I stretched my arms and legs out, and steadied myself up the stairs to the main level of the boat.  I rubbed my eyes as the bright light from the sun hit my face.  I listened closely to the screams of laughter while trying to regain my eyesight.


    "Natalie!" I heard Lana's voice scream from a distance away.  I squinted and noticed that everyone was in the water splashing around and swimming and having fun.  Well, everyone except Bailee, and me.  But i was still waking up.  "Natalie's up!" Lana screamed again.  I stood at the top of the stairs, that led up to the main deck, until i got my vision back.


    "Hi guys."  I shouted and i threw my arms up into the air while putting on a fake smile.


    "Your coming in right?" I heard Liam shout from the shimmering water.


    "C'mon Nat!" Lana started again.  "Grab a life vest and come on! They are in the hang out, under the seats."  She finished...


    Wait...  Her words hit me so hard.  I felt them shatter me making my heart race a billion miles a minute.  I turned to face the stairs that led up, and I froze.  I just, couldn't.


    "Wait!" I turned back around and found Niall standing behind me, he held a blue and yellow life vest in his hand.  "I already got you one." he whispered and winked at me as he handed me the vest.


    I smiled back "thanks."  I watched Niall sprint back into the deep blue waves.  I slipped the light blue and yellow vest over my head and zipped it up to my chin.  It fit perfectly, and it didn't rub my sides when I walked.

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