Stranded With Him

16 year old Natalie was going to a boating party with her friends when a terrible storm hits, her friends are no where to be seen and her and a handsome boy named Niall are the only ones left on the boat. Will they ever find their friends? will they be stuck at sea forever? will they fall in love along the way?... read on and find out!<3


1. Hello

    Being the small person that I am, i had to drag my huge bag of luggage all the way across the house and into my car.  It contained pretty much my whole entire wardrobe, due to the facts that i have a tendency to over-pact.  After i somehow managed to get my stuff into the back of my car, i got into the front seat and was about to drive out of the drive way.  But i was stopped by a familiar voice.


    "Natalie, wait!" It was my mom, she ran toward my car with my phone and charger in her hand.  I rolled down my window and took my stuff as she handed them to me.

    "Thanks, i forgot!" I smiled, she stood there and waited like she was about to speak.  I knew she was going to give me a speech. I mean come on, shes my mom.


    "I'll miss you." she said quietly while she crossed her arms and tilted her head to the right just a tad.  I was going on a boating trip, as a go away party. my friend Lana was graduating this year from high school.


    'It's only for a week mom, i'll be fine, I promise." I noticed she was looking down at her feet, so i got out of the car and gave her a big hug.  "I promise, nothing will happen, i'll be back on Sunday, and when i get off the boat, the first thing i will do, is come home and give you the biggest hug ever." I whispered this into her ear. she finally smiled, it's been a long time since I've seen her smile, so it made me happy.


    When we were done saying our good byes, i got back into my car and drove to the docks where the boat was located.  I parked my car next to my friend Lana who i spotted waving me down. As soon as i parked i swung open the door of the car and wrapped m arms around her, she did the same for me too.


    "hey!" She let go of me and laughed, then shouted, "hey guys Natalie is here!" Three people walked towards us from a long dock that led to our boat.  There were two guys and one other girl, i herd the girl say something but i couldn't quite make it out.  She had bright red hair, she was very pail, but she was very tall, and had beautiful long legs.  I noticed that she was waving her arms at us to come on the boat so i quickly grabbed my stuff.  Lana helped me carry my stuff to the boat.


    The boat was fairly big, it looked as if it could fit about six different people inside.  Lana's parents had a lot of money so this is apparently what they got her, and to be honest i'm kinda jealous, cause' i would die for a boat like this, it was literally brand new.


    As i was admiring the boat, when the girl interrupted my thoughts, "hey, you." she said i a sort of stern type of voice.  i turned around and began to introduce myself.

    "hi, my name is Natalie, i don't think we've met yet." I tried saying this with a smile on my face as i held out my arm to shake her hand.  But all she did was stare at my hand so i put my arm down.


    "Mine is Bailee, i was just going to say that you should move your stuff down to the beds."  she pointed to a door that led down to a room that was small but had a huge bed covering each wall of the boat.  I dragged my stuff down the few steps that led to the room, and picked a spot next to a tiny circular window that was placed on the wall.


    "Shes actually really sweet once you get to know her." A guys voice startled me and i swung around quickly.  It was one of the boys, he was tall, and m muscular, he had dark brown hair,  and deep brown eyes.


    "My god you scared me." i said talking a deep breath, i placed my hand on my chest to feel how fast my heart was racing.


    "Sorry!" he laughed.  "My name is Liam by the way." He held out his hand just like i did with Bailee, but i actually shook his hand. 


    "I'm Natalie.  Nice to meet you Liam."  i smiled back. i didn't know what else to say so i turned back around and began to unpack my sheets and pillows.


    "wait, have you met Niall yet?" Liam asked me with a sort of slanted look on his face.  I shook my head in response.  "well then i'll go try and find him so you can, i promise you will like him."  Liam ran out of the room, i shut the door behind him, i wanted to change into my swim suit just in case we decided to go swim later.


    I pulled off my shirt and unhinged my brawl straps. i grabbed my swim top and placed it on the padded mattress, took off my brawl and put it inside my bag.


    "AHHHH!" A loud screeching voice came from over on the bed right next to me.  I screamed, because it frightened me, i quickly wrapped my arms around my boobs and held them scared as hell.  I heard laughter from a pile of blankets, "i totally got you that time Lia-" a boy began popping his head out of the blankets but stopped mid way and quickly covered his face back up, he saw it was me and began to freak out. "oh my gosh! i'm so sorry!"


    I didn't know what to do, so i just stood there, but i couldn't help myself from laughing. "How many times am i going to get scared on this trip? i think i might have a heart attack." I quickly got my swimsuit on and told him he could come out, but he refused.  i put a shirt over my suit.  " you can come out now i'm sorry i should have checked if someone was in here before i got undressed.  but i swear i'm dressed now." i sat on the bed and watched as the guy slowly popped his head out from under the sheets, he still had his eyes shut, but he quickly opened them one at a time.


    He had blond hair, and the cutest doll face that i have ever seen, and his eyes were as blue as the oceans waves.  he sat up and stared at me, with his mouth wide open.  "hi." that's all he said, but then he smiled.


    "Hello. you must be Niall, i'm Natalie.

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