Stranded With Him

16 year old Natalie was going to a boating party with her friends when a terrible storm hits, her friends are no where to be seen and her and a handsome boy named Niall are the only ones left on the boat. Will they ever find their friends? will they be stuck at sea forever? will they fall in love along the way?... read on and find out!<3


5. All Fun and Games

    Before I was about to go into the ocean I looked up at Bailee.  She glared at me, although its normal for her to do that type of thing to me.  But then she laughed, chuckled actually, like she had something coming for me, something bad...


    What could it be?  I stood in the middle of the boats dock, thinking of what she could have done, or...  Wait... Did she see?


    My thoughts were cut off by the feeling of my feet being lifted off of the wooded floors on the boat.  Cold wet arms wrapped around my waist and squeezed me my sides.


    "AH! HELP!" I screamed.  I knew what was coming next, I was thrown forwards over the left side of the boat.  I let out one last scream before my belly flopped on top of the freezing blue-green surface of water...  When I surfaced, I looked back towards the boat while I whipped the water from my eyes.


    "Ha ha ha ha! Yes!" It was Niall, he was cracking up, along with everyone else.  "I gotcha!" He yelled back while pointing his finger at me, he was laughing so hard he couldn't stand up straight.  He bent his knees and leaned forwards, oh boy i can't wait to get him back for doing that.


    "Hey!" I began. "OH MY GOSH ITS FREEZING!" My jaw hung open with a small smile hinting into my face.


    "I hope you know that you just started war!"  Lana began as she swam towards me.  "She always has the best revenge!" she chuckled.


    "Oh what ever, when is dinner ready?" Niall complained jokingly.  "I and starving." he rubbed his stomach and looked over in the direction of a grill that was sending some smoke into the air.


    "It will be a few minutes, its almost done."  Liam comforted Niall and patted him on the back, and then pushed him into the water with one last slap on the back.  It was a perfect moment!  Niall's face was the funniest thing, he wasn't expecting it at all.  We were all splashing at each other in the deep water when i herd a timer go off, it rang loudly from the boat.


    "FOOD!" Niall yelled, he was already on the boat running to a grill.  He must love food A LOT, because the next thing i know is that Niall is slipping on his own 2 wet feet and he fell right on his face.  I couldn't help but laugh, in fact i laughed pretty hard.  We all swam to the boat and helped him up, Bailee put a grilled hot dog on a plate for everyone of us.  While we all grabbed our towels, except for Niall, he was the first one to get a hot dog.  We all sat in a circle around a small white table and ate.


    "Lets play a game." Lana said as she finished the last bite of her hot dog.

    "I'm out."  Bailee began to get up and walk away, but Lana grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

    "no your IN, we are going to get to know eachother, its my party Bailee." Lana glared at her until Bailee scrunched her nose.  she actually did what she was told to this time, it suprised me.  we began to play a game of truth or dare game.  And thats when it all started.

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