Stranded With Him

16 year old Natalie was going to a boating party with her friends when a terrible storm hits, her friends are no where to be seen and her and a handsome boy named Niall are the only ones left on the boat. Will they ever find their friends? will they be stuck at sea forever? will they fall in love along the way?... read on and find out!<3


6. About Him and Them

    I went first, and who would be better to ask questions to then Niall or Liam.  I decided to ask Liam because i still felt a little awkword around Niall after my nevis break down and all.

    Smiling i went ahead and asked, "so Liam, Truth or Dare?" I felt like a 6 year old asking the question but it made me smile when i thought about it so i just went on with it.

    "well im going to play it safe and say truth this time."  He responded. Hmmmm a truth, i thought about it in my head until it came across my mind that i didnt know hardly anything about Niall or Liam.

   "So where exactly are you and Niall from?"  I watched as Liam and Niall exchanged looks. and thats when i noticed Bailee who was laughing histarically like i made a huge joke.  It made me reall made and i was about to tell her off, i was getting really sick and tired of her shit, and i dont even know how Bailee met her.  but i tried really hard to keep it all inside of me.  "What?!" I anounced.  There was a long quiet silence before Liam answered the Truth.

    "Well, i am from Wolverhampton, in england, and Niall is here all the way from Mullingar, Ireland." my mouth flew open, i was shocked, i mean i should have gotten the clues from their accents, but i accpected them to live in america or something sice they are here.

    So all that came out of my mouth was, "Wait, what?"  Liam was chuckling, i knew they were keeping something from me and it made me furious, i was raging inside and i was about to let it all out when i heard Bailee from the other end of the table.

    "Dont tell me you are clueless." Bailee paused to stare at me. "oh my gosh," she whispered and rolled her eyes at me. "Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson?" I shook my head i was so confused with what ever point she was trying to get accross, but she went on. "HARRY STYLES? you havent heard of any of them?!"  she began yelling these names at me over and over again in the most sarcastic and snotty tone ever.

    I was so confused at this point i didnt know why Lana wasnt doing anything about it, she stared at me like i was crazy just like everyone else, i didnt like the vibe it gave off, it didnt make me feel very good.  "What are you talking-" Bailey cut my words off and began speaking in her stupid little girl tone again.

    "The band?" she paused, "One Direction?" she yelled at me, but that last one did sound very familiar, and the more i thought about it, the more i recognised Liam and even Niall. I was never interested in the band that much though, but i have definatly heard girls talk about them.

    "Oh my, how did you-" i began speaking to Lana but i got caught up in my words and i couldnt handle it anymore.  it was stressing me out, so i stood up grabbing my towel that i had wrapped around me and i ran to the front of the boat ( the opposite end ).

    I hate being put into sitations like that, they make me feel so stupid and dumb, and im not.  i cant handle stress well, neither my mom or dad could, i guess it wore off on me as well.  i sat at the front of the boat flinging my feet off the front of the boat and swinging them as i watched my reflection in the heavy waves coming from the now almost black colored water.  i was holding onto a steal railing that kept me from falling off the edge of the boat.  i was so focused in my thoughts that i almost didnt see that Niall was sitting right next to me.  I didnt have anything to say so i just stared at him until he said something, and he did.

    "Im sorry i didnt tell you, i thought you would have known."  Niall exclaimed.  I had nothing else to say other then its not our fault, you didnt know.  there was a long pause before he began talking again.  "so Natalie, truth or dare?" he wasnt looking at me when he asked me this, he was gazing into the water almost like he was trying not to remember something.  with out even thinking i answered with a truth.  "What were you crying about earlier?" he asked, and thatss when he acctually did start looking at me.  He stared at me with his deep blue eyes, the ones that reminded me of my dad.  I wanted to answer him though, i didnt want to cry again, so i stoped looking at Niall and i looked down at my feet.

    "Niall, my... my... my dad, he-" i tried so hard not to cry but the hurt broke my heart once more. "hes not coming back, hes dead."  i felt a tear drizzle down my right cheek.  I felt Niall brush it away with his thumb and he shushed me again.  he rubbed the back of his hand against my face and made me look into his eyes, his were tearing up also.

    "Natalie, im so sorry.  Everything is ok."  and he held me close to him, i wrapped my arms around his waist and it felt good, and thats when he kissed me, he places his soft lips on mine and i kissed him back.  "What ever happened Natalie, i promise, i will never let that happen to you, i promise."


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