Feeling Payne

I'm Kasey. Even though i don't want to be anymore. I tried to stop, but it was to painful not to do it. I cant handle it anymore, i just want to get it over with so no one could ever hurt me again, never ever again. One cut is all i will need to end this hopeless life I'm living. But just as the tiny blade was about pierce my pail skin, i heard a deep voice ring in my ears,"Kasey, stop. You mustn't sacrifice what you don't have. My child, you are far from your time to leave this earth, i have greater plans for you." Could that have been God? I have been a Christian for sometime before, but i lost God a long time ago, so why now? What was his greater plans for me? I didn't have time to look for the answers, because my mom had just walked right into my room, gasping, eyes wide, looking straight at the blade in my right hand. . . (Note: in this story Liam Payne doesn't do the things i say hee does in real life.)


2. Two

I hate doctors. Why do they pretend like they know you? They don't know me. THey don'y know what i've been through or the pain i've felt everyday. 'Just let it all out' they all say, like i would even trust them. So when i wasn't saying anything, my mom decided to go to work and let me deal with this guy by my self. I was perfectly fine with that.

I walked out of the office into the waiting room. I need some time to. . .  ''think.'' But as i was walking down the hall to the exit of this stupid place, i heard footsteps from behind me. Soon, walking next to me at the same pace, was the tall boy from the waiting room. He was wearing a black plaid shirt and low black pants that didn't sag under his butt. I noticed that he had just as many slits in his arm as i did, which was quite a lot.

"What are you in for?" He spoke in a deep accent i recognized as British. He was kinda cute in a sweet way. He had gorgeous brown eyes, little pudgy nose, olive skin, and big furry eye brows. 

I giggled. The way he said it was like we were in jail, well, technically we were so yeah. "Life," i told him.

"Me too," he answered through a chuckle,"mostly my dad and mum."

"Me too, not my dad, but my om makes up for that part." It's true i've never known my dad, just seen pictures, but from what i've heard i don't want to.

"The name's Liam," he spoke, putting out his hand to me.

"Kasey," i replied, shaking his hand. He had a strong grip and my slender hand seemed to groove into his perfectly. We both were silent for a minute before he finally spoke.

"Hey so, Kasey what's a pretty girl like you doing this?'He pointed to my arm. I  shifted my arm to the side uncomfortably. I didn't answer him.

"It's okay, you don't have to hide it, i do it too you know," he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt higher, revealing the cuts in his arm i had already saw earlier.

"My life's just really messed up, what's your excuse?" I gave him a smile not meaning anything by my answer.

He chuckled. I saw a glint in his eyes before a long silence washed over us again.

"So, i don't have to be anywhere for a couple hours, do you maybe. . .want to do something? We could grab some Fro-Yo?" Was he asking me out? Like on a date? With him? Why would he want to waste his time being with me when he could get any girl he wanted? With those gorgeous brown eyes, those furry eye brows, and his cute little pudgy nose, wait what? I just met this guy! I barely even know him! Already im crushing on him?! Man, i've really gone downhill.

I smiled in return,"I don't need to be anywhere, either." 

"It's a date." He smiled with a mysterious grin.

Damn, he got me.


Hope you guys liked this chapter. I'm so sorry it took me so long to update. Next chapter? Oh, you'll see. Bwahahahahahah bwahahahahahaha! Haha just kidding nothing bad will happen. . . or maybe something will!


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