The Boy With the Pink Balloons

Two people who lead very different lives collide in a memorable incident. Will they simply walk away, or will something bloom between them.


5. Chapter 5 *Victoria*

The balloon boy had just saved my life and he was apologizing over and over again as he helped me pick up my papers. He was rushing to explain what had happened and I tried to reassure him. "Oh, don't worry about it. Thank you actually you just saved my life." Of course I was a little flustered, and, okay, a little mad because my papers would need to be reprinted, and my dress was dirty, and, and, and... Nothing was justified and I knew it so I suppressed it. I tried smiling and finally actually looked at him. He was more handsome than Richard in a rugged kind of way. His hair was messy in a good way, he dressed like he didn't want to have to buy something expensive, except his shoes, you could tell he loved his shoes. They were perfect, thought you could tell they weren't new they looked it.

I had a question on the tip of my tongue but I suppressed it yet again. He had money didn't he? But if he did, why on Earth would he be selling balloons? I was simply grateful.

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