The Boy With the Pink Balloons

Two people who lead very different lives collide in a memorable incident. Will they simply walk away, or will something bloom between them.


4. Chapter 4 *Aaron*

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful girl walking, I turned to look at her and she had a look of extreme concentration. She was wearing a small grey dress, crazy in this weather if you ask me, and red shoes that popped out from their surroundings. She didn't even seem to notice the eyes that she drew, even guys with their dates were stealing quick glances and the girls had extreme jealousy written all over their faces.

She just kept walking not looking up from her folder of papers. I was almost jealous that she had so much passion and was so purposeful, I think that was what attracted me the most. She was, well, picture perfect. I found myself gravitating toward her and after a moment I saw what she didn't; a horse drawn carriage with no driver coming right for her at full speed.

"Hey!" I found myself yelling at her, "Move!" She didn't hear me, crap. The carriage was still coming and nobody else was doing anything, so i found myself thinking to hell with it. I ran across the path and shoved her out of the way just as the carriage raced over where she was just standing. Her papers went flying; I apologized like a madman over and over. I explained what had happened and how she hadn't heard me, surprisingly I was still holding the bundle of balloons.

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