The Boy With the Pink Balloons

Two people who lead very different lives collide in a memorable incident. Will they simply walk away, or will something bloom between them.


3. Chapter 3 *Victoria*

A smile emerged from my lips as I took in the sights of Central Park. But just as quickly as it came it disappeared, I realized that I didn't have Richard with me for Valentine's Day since he cheated and I dumped him not even a week ago. I hated that he still had the same effect on me, even after what he had done.

I was walking along the path on my way to work in my favorite dress even though it was a little chilly; I always came in on weekends when I could to get in overtime. My boss didn't mind, she said I reminded her of herself when she was younger. I worked in a lawyer's practice and I was working on a particularly difficult murder case, there was too much evidence for me to do much else than to try to make my client accept a plea but he wouldn't.

I continued walking thinking of alternatives, my mind so full of the case that I stopped looking where I was going. Nobody was ever here anyway except children, I could walk in complete concentration without an accident as usual.

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