Fake Life

PG-13 *Sex Senses*
Well I knew this day would come my Best friend would tryout for X-Factor and win also fall in love with Harry Styles. But before she could even fall in love her manager
Blackmailed her to be a girly girl. And when I come and watch her concert and I see who she is. Will she hire me to be her manager?? or Will she have to deal with the pain that everyone in the world thinks she is a girly girl when actually she's a BIG tomboy?? also I am in a arranged marriage with Niall Horan?? PLZ READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Emily Tate

Hey I am Emily Tate right now I am in the line for X-Factor with my Best Friend Christine Evilsizor and I am FRECKING OUT right now and I think I am hyperlating (AN: breathing in out at a fast rate) and Christine is helping me calm down. OH by the way I am 18 turning 19 May 19th of 1998 and we-OMG they just called my name and I am FREAKING OUT!!!! thank to christine I am calm and readly to go so BYE!!!!!!!!

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