Take Me As I Am

Justin Bieber 19 year old pop-star, after recently broken up with his super star girl-friend Selena, he decides to take a break in the beautiful state of Miami. Thinking he's only here for a break, he meets Bailey Anderson a rebel photographer, also works as a waitress at McDonald ,and apparently doesn't have any interest in the superstar. Justin is determine to make her fall in-love with him. But every story always has its up's and down's right?


2. Prologue




       Rumors. That's what's happening to me lately. After the break up with Selena, the Paparazzi have been on my back with the constant bickering about why we called it off. To my dismay she broke up with me, I didn't understand why she did, apart from 'Am sorry Justin, the hate its getting too much, and I can't take it.' That was the last thing she said, before running out the door. I tried calling and going to see her, but she's not always there or picking up. After that night we broke up; I've been drinking and doing stupid things; Causing more paparazzi to be on my back.

    So here I am in Scooter's Office, waiting for him to get on with the meeting. I haven't seen him for a while, and Just by sitting here I knew he was not please with my attitude lately. I sat down on the comfy chair, getting real comfortable. Scooter shook his head but began to speak.

"So Justin do you have any Idea why I brought you here?" I shrugged my shoulder's, Not really in the mood to talk. He sigh; rubbing his forehead. "Your attitude lately, is not acceptable. You've been constantly been shown in every magazine--"

"Isn't that what you've always wanted?" I question, cutting him off. He release another sigh; but with force.

"Not like this---" He pointed to a magazine, where it showed me puking and another of me kissing some random chick. Mhmm! she looks pretty hot, maybe if I wasn't drunk I would have got her number. Dang it! "I get it, your broken hearten  you really loved her, but I know she wouldn't have wanted you to be like this, you just need a break that's all...I'm canceling all the tours, and any other things you have on your schedule." 

"What?" I shot up from my seat, he looked at me startled. "You can't just do that, that is so unfair, what will the fans think?" I darted questions at him, but he yelled at me, causing my mouth to shut close.

"I can and I just did..No one is going to know where your going, as far as the Paparazzi or any other person, they think your in Italy for your concert tonight. No one will know where your going, you'll not tell anyone and try to stay undercover where you are." He explains, pointing his fingers to make his point.

I collapsed back on the couch, letting a huge breathe out. "Where am I going anyways?" I question; looking towards him. His eyes darted from the Ipad to me.

"You're going to Miami Florida---" He utters and I groaned. "I know you don't like this at all, I don't either; but its for your own good, Your going to be gone for a month or so, you need to clear your head and what's a better way than spending it in the beautiful land, and best part, no Paparazzi or any adults, Just you." 

   I still don't like the idea, but then again Its just me, myself and I. This should be one heck of a Month.

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