Take Me As I Am

Justin Bieber 19 year old pop-star, after recently broken up with his super star girl-friend Selena, he decides to take a break in the beautiful state of Miami. Thinking he's only here for a break, he meets Bailey Anderson a rebel photographer, also works as a waitress at McDonald ,and apparently doesn't have any interest in the superstar. Justin is determine to make her fall in-love with him. But every story always has its up's and down's right?


1. Info




   This is a new story for all you belibers out there. My story is different from the one's I've seen. Hopefully you'll all favorite

and comment on the story. 

Okay so I need Two girls who are going to be either Justin's Girlfriend....And no they will not have any interest with each other 

sorry... But anyways I need a girl to play the role, and I need another girl for Bailey (Main Character), the girl is going to play her best friend  with the same attitude. This girl however will fall in love in the story, I just don't know who yet. If you have any suggestion leave them down on the comment. One direction are going to star in this story, because he's kind of close to Niall and Zayn the most. And they going to be shown alot at some point in the story. So I'll also need a girlfriend for Zayn and Harry, the rest of them have girlfriend. Niall's Girlfriends name is Elizabeth, and Louis and Liam have Dani and Eleanor, who are going to be best-friends with Bailey and her friend. But The story is mainly pointed towards Justin and Bailey.

   I'll start to upload the story maybe in the next week or so, but keep spreading the word, and start favorite the story. 


P.S don't forget to read 'Nice To Meet You' and 'Cyber Louis' by anonymousxo their both great books. Fan her as well. 

Okay you can all go now and start to press that button. Good Luck 

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