Take Me As I Am

Justin Bieber 19 year old pop-star, after recently broken up with his super star girl-friend Selena, he decides to take a break in the beautiful state of Miami. Thinking he's only here for a break, he meets Bailey Anderson a rebel photographer, also works as a waitress at McDonald ,and apparently doesn't have any interest in the superstar. Justin is determine to make her fall in-love with him. But every story always has its up's and down's right?


4. Chapter Two



   Who the hell did he think he is? Who in the right mind would invite a stranger to have lunch with them; for all I know I can be a serial Killer. Ugh! He's just another player that am not even going to take an interest with. As soon as he left yesterday, I complained to Dylan and and Patricia, My co-workers about how a jerk of a guy he was. He is so irritating and I don't even know him. I got home and then complain about work to my best-friend who only found my situation amusing. 

    I woke up to the sound of fresh homemade bacon and eggs. I rushed out of bed, almost falling down running down the stairs. I made my way to the plate of food, tossing pieces of food onto the plate. 

"Well good morning to you too." Riley chuckles, and I mumble a 'Good Morning' before stuffing my faces with food. She laughs at me, and I only stuck my tongue out through the food in my mouth which only causes her to laugh at me more. Riley and I have been best-friends since we were in diapers and Not once have we gotten into a fight. When people see us they think we go out, like were lesbians or something, but were not we just had that connection; its unbreakable. "So what's on the agenda today, since were both have a day off today?" She clasped her hands excitedly, making me laugh.I shrugged my shoulders, as her hands made way to her chin. This girl gets excited and really serious in times like this, so its best for us to always leave her alone, cause she might throw a tantrum. "Oh! I know we can go down to the beach, you know get us a tan? Cause I look like a fucking ghost." She whines, and I busted out laughing. She checked her whole body, scrunching her nose. She finally looked at me, waiting for my answer; I nodded before she skipped to her room. I finished up my food, before walking up the stairs.

     We walked down the beach, looking for a good area to get a perfect tan; well for Riley anyways. I however was here to take pictures. Am a photographer, something I've been doing since I was Ten Years Old. Riley unload our stuff as she laid herself on the blankets. "Hey Ri, I'll be right back, just going to go take pictures down at the pier." I trailed off, when I realize that I was talking to no one. When Riley has a pair of ear-buds on she lost in her own world.I waved her off, as I began to strut down the beach, taking pictures of people in the water, kids running around, nature and couples being cute. Erk! That sickening's me so much, always seeing couples kissing and being all lovey dovey. I ignore the it and began to take more pictures when all of a sudden am knocked down. Coffee spilled on my white cropped tee. You seriously got to be kidding me.

  "What the fuck seriously?, Now my camera is ruined" I bellowed, looking down at my shirt. The person began to laugh, which only made my anger boil. "What the hell ar-" When I look up, I find the least expected person I never thought I'll see again. "Oh my god, its you again---Why must this happen to me?" I rambled, but he only just laughed. I picked up my camera, which was covered in coffee. Thank God, I took the disc out. 

"Fancy seeing you here. Didn't think you were the kind of beach girl." He smug  Oh the joy of slapping that smug off his face.

"Well yeah there's alot you don't know about me." I smirked, wiping the coffee off the camera lance. His smug became a smirk. Oh what I've I done?

"I'll like to know more about you over dinner." He states, a smile appearing upon his lips.

"Not happening." I declared, walking past him. A minute later I find him right next to me, as we both feel the sand in between our legs.

"Come on, Just one dinner?" He pleads. I shook my head 'No' Causing him to laugh even more. I was enjoying this as well. Dissing him is just hilarious to me. Am not in the state of having a boyfriend and plus I have no idea who he was. "Come on I promise to not be a jerk---" 'like that makes it so much better.' I snorted at my own thought, which only made him smile. Its like everything I do he finds it amusing, like what the fuck is wrong with him? "Come on...You and I both know I wouldn't stop until you say Yes?" Oh so now he's threatening me? I kept walking, trying my hardest to drown him out. He suddenly stopped walking, a satisfaction grin broke upon my lips. "Okay if you say Yes, I'll buy you a new camera." That offer was too tempting. I'm broke to afford a new one and a Job as a waitress at McDonald's isn't paying well. I stopped walking; turning on my heels slowly to face him. He had that smirk laid on his lip, his eyes squinted due to the sun. To be honest he looked kind of sexy that way...Wait what now? Okay so pushing my weird feelings aside, I walked up towards him, pointing my finger towards him.

  "Fine One Dinner...Got it?" He laughs, shaking his head lightly. I turned around walking away from him. A Smile playing on my lips. Why the hell am I smiling? 

"Oh babe, wear something sexy." He Yelled amused, I Can feel eyes burning deep down my back, making me blush...Hold up did I just say Blush? Okay Clearly I need to get an Advil . Why can't I just collide my hands to his cheeks. I turned around giving him the finger. "Can wait for Tonight Beautiful." He yells once more, I laugh hiding my face as I picked up my pace. 

This should be one interesting Dinner.

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