Take Me As I Am

Justin Bieber 19 year old pop-star, after recently broken up with his super star girl-friend Selena, he decides to take a break in the beautiful state of Miami. Thinking he's only here for a break, he meets Bailey Anderson a rebel photographer, also works as a waitress at McDonald ,and apparently doesn't have any interest in the superstar. Justin is determine to make her fall in-love with him. But every story always has its up's and down's right?


3. Chapter One




    Two days. That's how long have been here in Miami and to be honest I've been enjoying every little of it. No one hasn't notice who I am, and Scooter has been letting me know about what's been going on back in L.A. My fans have been blowing up my mentions more than before. It kills me that I can't talk to my friends and they had to lie to them about me being sick; that's why I'm staying in Italy for a long time. The past two days I've been a blur; I've mostly spent it at a club or at a beach, and frequently I'm getting tired of it. I never thought that being alone to explore a country by myself would be this boring.

   I pull my Hood on closer adjusting my sunglasses as well as my hat. This is was the first time I'm going out at night to eat. Lately have been eating room service food and all that shit, but today i decided to change that. I walk closer to the door, looking back before walking inside. I strut towards the nearest table, looking at the menu placed on the table.

"What would you like to eat today Sir?" Her voice was dull, she basically sounded like she didn't want to be here. I looked at the menu once again, before speaking to her as she writes down the order. "I'll be back with your food." She utters. I finally looked up at her, before she turns to leave. Dang this girl was really Beautiful. She had that rocker kind of look,but in a very sexy way though. She had long wavy brown hair, with golden blonde hair at the bottom. She had a nose pierce and she had a nice Body. I smile, as she talks to some girl in the back area.

A minute or two of watching her, she finally saw me watching her; as she got closer to me with my food. "Here you go." She utters a small smile playing on her lips. I smirk as she begins to walk away.

"Hey---" I called, making her stop in her spot. She slowly turned towards me, her left leg supporting all her weight. She crossed her arms, waiting for me to continue. I look down at the food, before meeting her confuse light brown eyes, I smile to myself. "Aren't you going to eat with me?" I furrowed my eyebrows, a smile tugging on my lips. She looked at me like I was drunk or high. I gesture to the food.

"I have work." She simply stated. I look around the restaurant; it was empty. There literally was no one there but us and a few workers. 

"There's no one else here, so it wouldn't kill you to seat with me and have lunch would it?" I inquire the brown haired girl. She opened her mouth to protest, but her friend encouraging her made her shut her mouth close. She sighs before sitting next to me. I smile, my charm is working on her. I pass her the burgers and Fries, a smile tugging on my lips; as she sent daggers. "A pretty girl shouldn't make faces like that." I stated, and she looked taken back at my words. She pushed the buggers aside, making my eyebrows shot up. 

"Why are you doing this? Do I even know you? Is this a way for you to get girls?" She darted the questions at me. I laugh, causing her to clench her fist tighter. I placed my hands on hers, she looked down at it, anger shown through her face. "Don't touch me." She growled. Again I laugh before putting my hands up to surrender. She waited for me to speak, but I said nothing. I know she's going to be an hard one to get. Wait! why am I even going for her again? I mean I just got out of a relationship and am already chasing a girl, who wants nothing to do with me? 'It's her determination that makes you want her' I thought. I watch as she got up, mumbling swear words under her breath.

"Where are you going?" I inquire, getting up as well. 

"None of your dam business." She spats. I don't know what it is but, even when she's angry I find it sexy. 'Is it possible for me to be feeling Love at first sight?'  Nah! But that doesn't mean I can't have her right? She spins around, but I quickly grabbed a hold of her hand. "Let go asshole." Again I just laugh at her, which only earns me daggers. 

"Your Feisty---" I pause. "I like you---" I finally release her, earning me the middle finger. "I guess I'll be seeing you around." I utter before placing the money on the table, waving a quick goodbye to the people in the back area; who clearly were watching us; before turning towards her, giving her a quick wink, only to earn another middle finger from her. I laugh before walking out the door.

Mission Get Her To Fall for you.

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