Take Me As I Am

Justin Bieber 19 year old pop-star, after recently broken up with his super star girl-friend Selena, he decides to take a break in the beautiful state of Miami. Thinking he's only here for a break, he meets Bailey Anderson a rebel photographer, also works as a waitress at McDonald ,and apparently doesn't have any interest in the superstar. Justin is determine to make her fall in-love with him. But every story always has its up's and down's right?


6. Chapter Four



   It's been a week since me and Justin's date. A week of hiding his identity. A week of keeping it from my best-friend, this may be the very first secret I've kept from her. A week of constantly rejecting Justin everytime him. A week of ignoring him. And a week of Missing him. Yeah You can say, alot has happened in a week.

   Yeah am slowly falling for Justin, but I keep telling myself I don't like him. And it doesn't even help when your best-friend keeps putting Ideas in my head. I mean come on why would he want to be with me? He's a freaking pop star for god sake, recently broken up with american sweetheart. Selena Gomez; and plus am nothing, a nobody. I wouldn't consider myself ugly, but put me near her and I will look like a rotten tomatoes. I know not a really good comparison right? Oh well i didn't feel like racking my brains alright so don't judge me.

   I can't really say I fully like him just yet, I still want to get to know him; but at the same time I'm known around here as a rebel. Which am not, though it's flattering when they call me that, yet again they only think am a rebel due to my now red hair, nose piercing and tattoos; but another reason is probably because I've made a few mistakes in the past, that I don't want to relieve. The only one to know about 'It' is Riley, and she knows not when to talk about it.

  I hated what i did in the past, but at the same I regret nothing. But due to all the chaos, I gained alot. Like Corine  the closes to a mother figure I have. She consider's Riley and I one of her kids, and it always pulls a smile on my face. I told her about Justin, and Like Riley she told me to give him a chance. So here I am standing in-front of his apartment, about to give him answers to his question. I took a sharp breath; before pressing my knuckles on the hard door.

  A few shuffling minutes later, a rather young girl happened to open the door; with Justin shirt on. I knew it was his cause that happened to be the shirt he gave me, when he brought me to his house after our date. Yes i slept over, but nothing more...Nothing less. Her hair was a bit messy, which made me wonder why it's like that!. I looked at her up and down; until I came to realization, that am standing in-front of his ex-girlfriend.Inconvenient much?

"Uh how can I help you?" Her feminine voice spoke, looking from me,back to the inside of his house. I was still in shocked. So many things were going through my mind. Had he got tired of me rejecting him and gotten back with his ex? I can't help to wonder, the guy I've been funding over, might not be who I thought he was. "Hello how can I help you?" She snapped, changing her smile to a glare. As she spoke, I can smell the taste of alcohol, tingling at the tip of my lip. 

"Uh...oh yeah is Justin here?" I finally regained confidence, giving her the same expression. Two can play this game. 

"Whos asking?" She inquires, smirking. 

"His girlfriend..." The expression on her face, made me wanted to burst out laughing, but I had to resist the urge. I can't believe i just basically said he was my boyfriend. But strangely it felt right...Weird! 

  She regained her structure back, a smirk plastered on her perfect feature. What? I basically just compliment her, yeah I know; I mean seriously you can't lie and say she's not pretty. I have a girl crush on her, but I'll never tell her that, right now I definitely do not like her, and i think the feeling is mutual. "Prove it!" She stated, twitching her lip upward. I was taken back by her words. 

"W-what?" I stuttered. Seriously I should really think before I say things. 

"I. Said. Prove. It." She punctuated; while she poked me in the chest. That's one thing you do not do, don't touch me unless you want to loose your hands. And clever girl, I thought makeup and all lies would have clogged her head by now. Sadly nope! I smirked back, I guess Justin is in for a surprise. 

"Where is he then?" I inquire pushing past her, she looked horrified. Bitch there's one thing I don't do, and that's to pass down a challenge. Let's get the show on the road. Jeez, why am I so happy to kiss him? She was stuttering to get her words out, but I ignored her, when I see Justin coming downstairs shirtless, and water dripping from his hair to his bare chest. 

"B-Bailey..." He stutters. I was in awe, I mean am standing in-front of him; and he is shirtless. My oh my what a body he has. I just want to run my arms through them...Okay simmer down. His eyes suddenly widens. "It's not what it looks like, she found out where I live, apparently she wanted to get back with me, and she begged scooter to give her where I was staying, and she stumbled to my house drunk, and I helped her get off her clothes, and gave one of mine, I swear nothing happened...." He kept rambling. I was really sick and tired of his non-stop talking. I mean seriously does he even breathe? I did the thing, I wasn't expecting to do, well at least not now.

  I grabbed a hold of the back of his neck, smashing my lips with his. He was astounded at first, but soon enough; his lips started to move with mine. I let my hand roam through his wet hair, my chest laid upon his, his hand travel from my waist to my face grasping it. I deepened the kiss, tugging at his hair. Gosh this felt so right, yet so wrong. Why does life have to be so fucking hard? 

  We finally pulled away slowly, I flutter my eyes open to see him staring at me shocked. "Yes..." I whisper, and by his facial expression; I think he understand what I meant to say. He picked me up, spinning me around. I giggled, as he set me down. I love how we're actually just ignoring that Selena is standing just a inch away from us. He pecked my lips again, and I smile into them. Right now I have no control over my body language; I mean i feel like I rushed things. He got out of a relationship to be pulled into one. 

  A loud cough made us break our gaze slowly. Justin pulled me his arms, as we slowly turned towards a angry Selena. Does she know it makes her look mad ugly? No boy wants that kind of face boo boo. "So you chose her..." She gesture towards me, her hands basically fanning me. Nice cool air. "Over me? Are you out of your fucking mind?" Well someone's on their period. I heard Justin snickered behind me, making me look at him confused.

"I said that out loud didn't I?" I blushed looking down, he pecked my cheeks, making me shut my eyes quickly. I can still feel his lips press against my cheeks. 

"When you're done using this bitch to 'try' and get over me, Just know I'll be there to mend your broken heart." She growls before grabbing her shoes and bag. "Have fun while it last bitch." And....she's gone. If only she just got hit right there. Am just kidding, I don't hate her that much.! 

"Don't listen to her, she's just jealous." 

"I wasn't going to..." I mumbled; knowing clearly I was lying. I couldn't help, but let her words get to me. I mean come on she's gorgeous; and he was lucky that he got to tap that. Okay that sounds completely weird. He wrapped his hands around, pulling me closer towards him. Wow we haven't even be dating for a week, and were already being cuddly. That's another thing, I don't really like to do; but yet again it feels right with him.

"I know you're thinking about it, please don't. And if you're not fully ready, I can wait. I did wait almost three weeks for you right?" He tried to chuckle, but I know he was sad. He looked down for a moment, before giving me a weak smile.

I place my hands under his chin, looking into his eyes. "I am ready, I've people nagging me to say yes...And don't worry your secret is still safe with me. Though I don't how am going to hide you from them...But I am ready, but can we take it slow though?" I inquire hopefully, he smiled widely at me, kissing my lips. 

"Oh sorry, I did-didn't mean..."

"I didn't say you couldn't kiss me silly..." I giggle slapping his chest lightly. He noticed how I kept staring at his bare chest, letting out a chuckle. "Uh...ummm"

"Like what you see?" He teased, flexing his muscles. Somebody get me a damn fan, am melting here.

"Maybe...Maybe not." I teased back, wiggling my eyebrows. 

"Ah, would you like to sleepover with me, am lonely..." 

"You wasn't lonely before...." I mumbled, and i guess i wasn't low enough. Hurt flashed through his eyes and I regretted saying that. "Nah I didn't mean to say that, am sorry." I gave him a smile, thankfully he gave one back. "And yes I'll stay, but am afraid your girlfriend would be jealous if you have a random girl in your bedroom."

"But you are my girlfriend..." He utters confused. Oh stupid stupid boy! haha 

"Nope, I don't you've ask me yet? So clearly you're just inviting a random to have a sleepover with you." He laughed at my dry joke, before he down on one knee. That was it for me, I busted out laughing. 

"Don't laugh, this is a serious matter." He stated while pouting. Aww! Yuck I don't like that word. 

"Okay okay." I utter trying to compose myself.

"Will you please be my sweet, baby cakes..." again I busted out laughing, he joined me soon. "Seriously will you be my girlfriend baile's ?" 

"If I have too...Am kidding I'll love to be your girlfriend." I utter wrapping my hands around his neck.

"I like the sound of that." He chuckles, kissing my lips. Man I love the taste of his lip.

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