Decisions & DJs

Ally realizes that she's been spending too much one with Austin when Trish and Adam start hanging out more than she and Trish and Austin hasn't been hanging out with Dez because he's been with Ally will they decide to break up


1. Realization & Recking

Trish and Adam walk in laughing 

Ally: are you guys hanging out

Trish: yeah

Ally: really? 

Adam: well ever since you and Austin started dating you've been spending all your time together Dez won't come out of his room because he hasn't been able to hang out with Austin

Ally: that's ridiculous 

Trish: Ally we haven't hung out in tow weeks 

Ally: it's been that long 

Trish: yes it has maybe your getting to attached to Austin 

Dez walks in 

Trish and Adam: hi Dez 

Dez: hi Trish hi Adam ..... Ally grr 

Ally: what did I do Dez

Dez: you stole my best friend

Ally: I'm sorry Dez 

Dez: don't talk to me any more ! 

Ally: but Dez!

Trish: Ally he said he didn't want to talk to you 

Ally: aw no I feel bad

Ally: *thinking to herself* maybe I should break up with Austin   

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