Decisions & DJs

Ally realizes that she's been spending too much one with Austin when Trish and Adam start hanging out more than she and Trish and Austin hasn't been hanging out with Dez because he's been with Ally will they decide to break up


2. I'm Sorrys & Black Berrys

Austin and Dez texting 

Austin: hey 

Dez: hey buddy what's up 

Austin: do you mind if I cancel our plans tonight I promised Ally I'd watch her DJ tonight 

Dez: of course you did bye Austin 

Austin: Bye.... 

Austin: * thinking to himself* maybe I should brake up with Ally 

Goes to sonic boom 

Trish walks In 

Trish: guess who got a job at Black Berrys galore 

Adam: a unicorn? 

Ally walks downstairs 

Ally: guys 

Trish: yeah 

Ally: I have to break up with Austin 

Adam: why

Ally: cause we're taking up to much of each others time 

Adam: aw but me and Trish had revenge plans this weekend 

Trish: yeah Tilly is going to rue the day Carly Shay 

Ally: okay.... 

2 hours later

Adam: where are you going 

Ally: to a party I'm DJing and that's where I'm breaking up with Austin 

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