This Is Us

This is their life. Liam, Niall Zayn, Harry, Louis, Natalie, Shae, Isabell, Tanner and Samantha. They all grew up in Long Island New York, but Niall moved a year ago to Australia taking Zayn and Liam with him. Finally, they all decide to move to Australia to fulfill their dreams, and be together as best friends. As the family that they are. They have ups and downs. Good and bad thing happen, but they will always have each other.This is their story. "This Is Us"


10. Zayn's POV

"Wake up, Zayn." Great. It was Liam.


"We have an hour to be at the airport."

"We only live 20 minutes away."

"True. But we have to get ready."

"Well I guess if you're not gonna shut up then I'll get up."

"Rudeee. Need coffee?"


We all started getting ready, and it actually went pretty quickly. Honestly, I was scared to go back. At least it's not New York. But still, I haven't seen everyone in over a year. What if they're mad at me? After all I'm the one who took Niall and Liam away from them. What if it's not the same? What if they don't want me anymore? I've kinda screwed up everyone's lives so.. I don't know. I'm really worried.

"Ready to go?"


"Hey, look at me. Everything's alright. You have nothing to be nervous about. We're all still the same people. We're still best friends. This is going to be fun! Don't sweat over it."

"Thanks Niall."


I drove us to the airport and we went through baggage, security and got to our gate. All that was left to do was wait. It was so weird sitting there again like we did a year and a half ago. After Zoe died I freaked out. I didn't want anything to do with my old life. I wanted to start my life over in a way. Which was why we came to Australia. And this is my first time going back to America and seeing our friends. 

"Flight 256 to Miami, Florida."

"Come on guys."

Yea, I was definitely scared.

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