This Is Us

This is their life. Liam, Niall Zayn, Harry, Louis, Natalie, Shae, Isabell, Tanner and Samantha. They all grew up in Long Island New York, but Niall moved a year ago to Australia taking Zayn and Liam with him. Finally, they all decide to move to Australia to fulfill their dreams, and be together as best friends. As the family that they are. They have ups and downs. Good and bad thing happen, but they will always have each other.This is their story. "This Is Us"


3. Zayn's POV

Zayn's POV:

Niall, Liam, and I all had loft apartments beside each other in Sydney, but we usually would pick one house to stay at and sleep there for the night. It just depended on our moods. We only had somewhere around 20 or 25 days of school left, which was great! We had finals and then we were basically done for the year. Until then, we all were getting ready for school at my house.
"Zayn hurry up OH MY GOSH" Liam complained. 
"Come on Li, you're the only one ready. We've not taken that long. Besides, I'm driving."
"Yea, yea. Whatever. Move faster."
It took another 20 minutes or so, and we were all ready. I grabbed my phone and keys and headed towards the truck. We climbed in and we were on our way. Everyone was unusually quiet, but I had expected it. We were tired. Niall was missing home last night, so he cried last night for a good three hours, and we stayed up with him. It was horrible to watch.. knowing how he felt. As soon as we had some coffee in us I knew we would be good. At the same time though, we were lost in thought. It's been a hard year without the rest of our friends. Especially for Niall. He had never been away from Natalie for so long. It's really been hard for all of us..
"This is really getting hard" Niall said. "I miss them."
"I was thinking the same thing" I mumbled.
"We have to see them soon. It's not the same. We're not whole. It is getting hard at this point. At first we were excited, but now.." Liam trailed off.
"As soon as school's out, we'll find a way. We'll be together again, at least for a little while." I tried to cheer them up.
I can see where Niall and Liam are coming from though. It is hard. Shae, Tanner, Natalie, Samantha, Isabell, Liam Niall, Harry, Louis, and I had grown up together. We did everything together.. always. It was ALWAYS the 10 of us. Australia split us up. I miss it being the 10 of us. I miss spending every day and night together. I miss all of my friends. I miss all of my family.

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