This Is Us

This is their life. Liam, Niall Zayn, Harry, Louis, Natalie, Shae, Isabell, Tanner and Samantha. They all grew up in Long Island New York, but Niall moved a year ago to Australia taking Zayn and Liam with him. Finally, they all decide to move to Australia to fulfill their dreams, and be together as best friends. As the family that they are. They have ups and downs. Good and bad thing happen, but they will always have each other.This is their story. "This Is Us"


9. Shae's POV

Shae's POV:

"Everyone wake up! We have to be at the airport in 2 hours!"

We were all sleeping on air mattresses in the den. It was a thing we started doing after the boys left. We something big happens or is going to happen we all stay together. Within a few minutes everyone started rolling over and rubbing their eyes, slowly waking up.

"Breakfast is in the kitchen. I made waffles and bacon. All the bags are in the car, so all we need to do is get ready for the airport. We'll meet the team at the hotel."

"Someone was bored." Harry smirked.

"Couldn't sleep." I smiled back.

After about and hour we were all showered, dressed, and ready to go.

"Tanner! Make sure you have everything you need for the competition."

"Got you girl!" We both laughed.

"Ok.. I'm going to the car. I wanna drive. Come out when you all have everything. Lock the doors!"

It was nice to have a few more minutes to get my head together. I was very organized and wanted everything planned out and all the times right. I had just enough time, and then the rest of the group started coming out. They jumped in the car and we had 45 minutes to get to the airport. 

"Got everything?" There were some nods and a few yeses. In about five or ten minutes Louis, Samantha, Natalie, Tanner, and Izzie were out. 

"Rawr." Harry clawed pretending to be a lion.

"Sup cougar?" I smirked.

"Chillin like a villain. What about you?"

"Trying to stay relaxed. Haha, look at them. They're just like kids. The minute the car starts moving they're fast asleep."

"You do realize you're the youngest, right?"

"Yea, yea. So I've heard. Are you excited for this weekend?"

"Yes! I can't wait to see you and Tanner dance. I'm sure it'll be amazing, especially since it's Starstruck. Are you nervous for your solo?"

"A little, but not really. I love it. It's called The Lonely Girl. It's beautiful. I really hope I don't screw it up. I've worked really hard."

"We know. If you ever get nervous or scared, just look out in the crowd and we'll be there. We love you Shae!"

"I love you guys too."


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