This Is Us

This is their life. Liam, Niall Zayn, Harry, Louis, Natalie, Shae, Isabell, Tanner and Samantha. They all grew up in Long Island New York, but Niall moved a year ago to Australia taking Zayn and Liam with him. Finally, they all decide to move to Australia to fulfill their dreams, and be together as best friends. As the family that they are. They have ups and downs. Good and bad thing happen, but they will always have each other.This is their story. "This Is Us"


8. Niall's POV

Niall's POV:

It was Wednesday night and we had Thursday and Friday off from school. Next week was our last week also, which was cool. We were bored though. No one was throwing a party, and we didn't really wanna go out, so we were just watching tv and eating. I was going to lose my head if we didn't do something soon though.

"You guys up for doing something this weekend?"

"Uhh, yea sure, I guess. What do you have in mind?" Zayn asked. 

"I'm not sure. I just don't wanna sit around here."


"OH MY GOSH I JUST GOT THE BEST IDEA IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!! THANK ME LATER" Liam was so loud I jumped when he started yelling. Scared the crap outta me!

"Where's my phone? Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh I need my phone!"

"Li, it's charging. And you sound like a teenage girl. And what are you up to? Zayn said, just as confused as I was.

"Shae and Tanner have a dance competition in Florida this weekend, right? Let's go to it! Everyone's gonna be there! It'll be amazing! We have 4 days out of school and that's plenty of time. Start packing!"

"Hold on! Slow down!" I had to shout to get him to stop and listen. "We have to get information on the competition. We have to book a hotel. We have to book a FLIGHT. We have to pack. There's a lot that needs to happen before we do this. IF we do this."

"Slow down" Zayn said. "This is crazy. You two are ridiculous. What are we, just gonna pop up and say 'Hey we're here, but only for 2 days and then we're leaving and may not see you again for a while.' No. That's crazy. I'm not going and saying 'Surprise' and then leaving after the competition. It's stupid."

"Zayn. You have to go back sometime. I know last time we went you didn't go, and I understand that, but you're stronger now. They haven't seen you in a long time. And we need to support them. It'll be nice for everyone to hang out again, even if it's just for a few days. It'll ease the tension." Liam said.

I looked at him practically begging. I wanted to see Natalie, and everyone else and I know he did too. 

"Please Zayn, it'll be fun!"

"Ugh. Fine. Whatever. I'll go. Leave me alone. I don't wanna do this, you know."


We all laughed and hugged. Then, Liam was calling the airport while I was calling the managers of the competition, and we were all packing.

"Ok, we can get on a flight tomorrow morning around 9." Liam said.

"Sounds good. The competition is Saturday and it starts at 10 am. I booked us in a hotel right around the corner. A lot of the dancers are staying there so maybe Louis, Harry, Izzie, Tanner, Natalie, Sammy, and Shae will be too." I said.

"Awesome. Now, let's get some sleep. Got to be up early tomorrow." Zayn acts just like a dad sometimes. It's annoying.

But I was happy and excited. We all were. It was settled, we were flying to Miami tomorrow to the Starstruck Dance Competition, and surprise our friends. It's going to be amazing!



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