This Is Us

This is their life. Liam, Niall Zayn, Harry, Louis, Natalie, Shae, Isabell, Tanner and Samantha. They all grew up in Long Island New York, but Niall moved a year ago to Australia taking Zayn and Liam with him. Finally, they all decide to move to Australia to fulfill their dreams, and be together as best friends. As the family that they are. They have ups and downs. Good and bad thing happen, but they will always have each other.This is their story. "This Is Us"


6. Liam's POV


Liam's POV:

I ran into the hospital with Izzie in tow. 

"Where's Zoe!!?? Where is she?" I ran into the emergency room yelling.

"Sir calm down. Who are you looking for?"

"Zoe! Zoe Malik!"

"Around the corner sir. Room 8." Izzie and I ran into the room to find everyone screaming and crying. 

"They dove off of the cliff! Li-Liam!" Zayn slammed against me crying into my chest. "Wh-wh-why'd they do it!?"

"Wait, what happened? What do you mean?"

"Liam, Zoe and her friends went cliff diving.  It was dark, and they didn't see the rocks below. She had a brain bleed.. and she didn't make it. We tried to save her. We did everything we could. I'm sorry for your loss." The doctor took his hand off of mine and Zayn's shoulder and left the room. What? How did this happen? Zoe was so sweet. She was beautiful and had an amazing heart. We all loved her. She didn't deserve this. None of us did. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I looked around. Niall, Natalie, Izzie, Zayn-obviously- Tanner, Harry, Louis, Samantha, and Shae were all crying. I had to stay strong. For them. It was awful to look around and see this. It wasn't fair. 

"There's nothing we can do. Let's go home & try to get some rest. We haven't slept in over 24 hours. We need to sleep, and can figure everything out in the morning." 

We all walked out of the hospital holding hands, and piled into the car. 

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