Everything about you

Jade is 21. She recently graduated college. When she takes her little sister to a concert her whole world flips around.


1. What concert

Jades pov: "Destiny stop hogging the bathroom." I yelled at destiny in our shared flat. We both lived here in United Kingdom. She came out with baby blue Miss Me Jeans, with a white tank top with ruffles and white flats. "Wow,you look cute. What do you have in mind for me?" "We'll I was thinking you could wear that short dress with the black and white stripes with the bow tie at the top, with Those black high heals you bought last week." "That sounds cute, what about tonight?"  She took me over to an outfit on the bed. I realized it was the outfit that I had wanted last week at the mall, it was a black dress with diamonds at the top with the sides cut out right at my curves. "Omg, destiny-y you didn't!" I exclaimed. "But darling, i did!" She said with a smirk on her face. I love her. I hugged her and got ready. We walked to my car and got whistles from two guys coming out of the flat next to ours. Ray and Austin. The players. We didn't have time for them. I jumped in the car followed by destiny. I jacked up the radio to my Mini Cooper and speed away. Destiny and I had graduated college last year. I was 21 and she was 20. We were going to a concert with my little sister, then later going clubbing. We arrived at my sisters house and she came outside. "Sati, who are we going to see tonight?" I asked as destiny got out so she could get in. "You just have to see. Here are the directions." I grabbed them and drove to the place where it was going to be held. I didn't know why I gave in to taking her, my aunt could have took her. Our parents,died in a car accident. Drunk driving. I pulled up and slowly got out when I saw screaming girls singing live while we're young by one direction. "Sati!" I said angry. "What. Oh yeah, sorry I wanted to go really bad. Please don't be mad." She said. This was a one direction concert. She knew I hated them. Destiny on the other hand loved them. This was perfect. I could feel the bordem going on in me. Another boring night, besides later clubbing. Please god let this concert end fast....

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