Everything about you

Jade is 21. She recently graduated college. When she takes her little sister to a concert her whole world flips around.


2. Don't beautiful me!

Jades pov: We walked in and sati gave the short woman our tickets." Here are your backstage tickets,enjoy!" She smiled. Great. And we have to meet them. I gave sati a evil glared. She was so going to pay for this. We walked threw two double doors to see two body guards opening the doors for us. I walked threw the doors to hear screaming girls a short distance away. I walked threw another set of doors to see over a million girls and a stage. We were front row to. This was the best day ever. Note of sarcasm. Destiny was talking to sati and they were both fan girling. Wow. 20 year old and a 13 year old were freaking out over a set of 5 boys. Give me a break. 

All of the sudden I heard running across the stage. And there they were. One direction. "Hello,London! Make some noise!" The blonde Irish one said, Niall I think his name was. All of the girls including sati and destiny started freaking out. Harry looked over to me and winked. I rolled my eyes. He chuckled." Hazza, what are you over here chuckling about?" Zayn said in the microphone. "Nothing, inside joke that's all." Harry said. I laughed. He was so cheeky. Liam started dancing like a freak and said " how about we have someone come on stage with us?" Harry and the rest of the boys nodded their heads. "Harry, you choose." Liam said. "Um, okay." All the girls started freaking out. I was standing there when I realized fingers pointing to me. It was destinys and sati's. They were really trying to get I my nerves. I smacked their hands away. I sunk into the crowd so they wouldn't see me. I grabbed on what I thought was sati's hand, to pull myself up. I looked up to see harry in front of me, motioning for me to come on stage. Noooooo. Destiny pushed me up on to stage. Why did I weight so little? All the boys stared at me as I looked around me. "We'll, hello beautiful" Louis said. "Hey! First I don't want to be here. And don't beautiful me, thanks." I snapped. "Feisty one we have here." Zayn said. I smiled cheekily. They all circled around me, I started freaking out as I dissappeared in the crowed of them. One of them grabbed my bum. And I slapped their hand away. It was Louis. Ewww. "Get the hell off of me!" I whispered for them to hear. They all chuckled and moved away. I crossed my arms like a 5 year old. "What is your name, love?" Niall said. "Again,stop with the nicknames, and it's Jade!" I barked. They all pushed me down on a stool and I sat in the middle of the stage. They song everything about you to me. I just rolled my eyes. They song a couple other songs and the concert ended. Am I suppose to go now. I thought. Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me backstage, for me to sati and destiny already meeting them. I ran over to them. "Guys, we have got to go I have to get ready for the club." I said. "We'll, I don't think we have me properly." I heard a husky voice come out from behind destiny. "We'll sorry I have to go." I said and started to walk away. "We got go, sorry." I heard sati and destiny tell them. I rolled my eyes and saw sati whisper something to the boys. Okay.  

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