My songs I make up

I am making some songs!Put in the comments if you like it or not.


2. Those green eyes


We met at the football game.I sat by you.I looked in your eyes and thought that,you were mine and oh those pretty green eyes!They stared into mine and they were emerald like my gem on my necklace.I thought you were nice and such a gentleman.You were sweet and the funniest British boy in the world!Those dimples and curls and oh those pretty green eyes.They were my favorite things about you.Remember the time when I met you!?Those green emerald eyes that stared into mine.You were so sweet and so nice and the funniest British boy in the world.Oh and your dimples and curls and green eyes,they were just right like mine but you are the best thing in the world oh and you are the funniest person ever oh and the nice things you say and your British accent!You are perfect!

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