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Kriss was Kriss. That's how its always been. She's always been so focussed on her and her brother Charlie. Harris her only other friend is bullied because of his sexual preferences, and it drives him off edge. When Harris is gone how will Kriss react ? And when children Services takes Charlie away, how will she live? But when she meets a mysterious stranger everything changes...


1. Meet Charlie & Mr.Aweyoursocute

I woke up to a loud bang coming from downstairs. I sware if its that 'pet' rabbit my brother keeps around here I'll skin it and cool it for dinner. I go downstairs and yup-- just as expected. Its Mr.Aweyourtocute. Yeah my brother isn't very good with naming his 'pets'.. My brother, Charlie, is my bestfriend. Well, my only friend. Even though he's 10 and i'm 16 we're still pretty close. I know my life is sad blah blah blah ... "CHARLIE BROWN!" I yelled giggling "DON'T CALL ME THAT KRISS PISS!!" He yelled trying to be serious "get down here and get Mr.Aweyourtocute before I cool him for dinner." "Okay okay i'm coming don't hurt him his leg just healed, be considerate Kriss." He said while calming down the rabbit. That's just how my brother is. He's had to grow up to fast for my liking. But some how he manages to stay so pure, so happy. Something I wish I could've done while I was going threw the same things he went threw with my parents. He stood strong while I just blocked myself from the world. From him. When I was needed most. He took care of me. He cooked for me. He cared for me. My 10 year old brother is my role model. I look up to him and he's the reason I haven't left this messed up world. Forcibly. "HELLOOOOOOOOOO~! Do you not see my stomach that is empty? Feed me peasant!" Said Charlie. I stared at him with wide eyes until we both bust out laughing. He was so ridiculous sometimes. He was like... just amazing. I picked him up and started tickling him until my fingers started cramping up. "STOP... PLEASE... AIR... ATMOSPHERE... MR.AWEYOURTOCUTE... Attack..." He said in between breaths. I quickly put him down because I was afraid of the control he had over that rabbit. "Okay bucko time for school go get ready." After I made his lunch and gave him breakfast, I sent him on the bus, already missing my bestfriend. A/N ~ Okaaay guys I know its short but I promise the story will get more interesting! xx ~painlessx33
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